sample resume high school teacher

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Sample resume high school teacher best college dissertation abstract

Sample resume high school teacher

Are you looking for high school teacher resume writing tips to improve your existing secondary school teaching resume?

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Intermediate 2 physics past paper questions An educational philosophy is of particular importance for high school teachers. If you are a high school science teacher, use science education keywords. Supervised classes at Mayfield Middle School days in a day period. Learn more about Candace Alstad-Davies by reviewing this about me page. Developed rigorous lesson plans and lectures and prepared students for quizzes and tests. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.
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Second, find the most impressive and salient points sure to wow any member of the school faculty. Finally, choose 2—3 of your proudest achievements and instructional skills and use those as the foundation for a solid opening paragraph. Use the career resume summary. The summary statement is a brief paragraph showcasing your past teaching experience, classroom skills, and educational achievements.

Proves your teaching credentials and competence by adding a numbered win or two. The good example is just right, with plenty of juicy details, a personalized approach, and a numbered accomplishment to show off your success. Use the career resume objective. It, too, includes a quantifiable achievement from related work to document how talented you are, and it works on teacher or assistant teachers resume.

Sure, we may have exaggerated the wrong example a bit, but a good teaching resume objective is always concise, to-the-point, tailored to the school, and includes a numbered win. Cover letters are important , especially for teaching jobs. Whether writing a resume for special education, preschool, middle school, or high school, attach a cover letter to land your dream job.

Use a cover letter for teaching jobs to show your enthusiasm for their school colors or explain why you have a gap in your employment history. Pro tip: Looking for a teaching job in a particular school but don't see anything advertised? A letter of interest for a job can help open doors and reveal potential employment opportunities that haven't been made public yet. Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates.

You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:. Use our 2, 5, and minute resume writing tips to quickly improve your resume. Actionable examples included. Read more! Not only do our simple resume templates please the recruiter's eye, but they are also ATS-scannable.

Here's a selection of our best basic CV templates you can download now. We did. Here are the best of the best. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it! Established classroom and field trip rules and enforced them fairly and effectively. Developed rigorous lesson plans and lectures and prepared students for quizzes and tests. Graded papers, lessons, tests, quizzes, and other assignments, relaying information to parents and school board when necessary.

Instructed 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds on the alphabet, basic reading comprehension, and rudimentary mathematics. Assessed student performance through quizzes and testing, and provided one-on-one tutoring when necessary. Managed advanced curriculum including both United States geography and world geography. Incorporated lessons on microclimates and climate change into the standard geographical lesson plans.

Taught additional topics, including cultural diversity and conflict, sustaining ecosystems, and resource reliance. Informed pupils on climate change. Focused on geography and landscapes of Africa. Managed classrooms for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers when instructors were absent due to emergencies, illness, or vacation.

Communicated any developments and updates with original teacher upon their return. Performed all general teaching duties, including attendance, grading homework, assigning projects, and delivering tests. Key Achievements Called in to be a substitute teacher for days out of the day school year. Kept children occupied and out of trouble. Encouraged orderliness and civility.

Create my resume now. Minor : United States History. Right Planning high school curricula Managing high school classrooms Communicating effectively Facilitating school activities. Right Student-minded high school teacher with over 3 years of classroom experience instructing teenagers at the 11th and 12th grade levels.

Right Compassionate and caring middle school substitute teacher with experience managing classrooms at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels. Newly-minted Oklahoma State teaching certification. Supervised classes at Mayfield Middle School days in a day period.

Seeing to leverage educator skills and results-oriented instructional approach to become the new English teacher at Clairemont Middle School. These students leave Phys. Ed class with significantly more than basketball techniques. They also learn gross and fine motor skills, teamwork, classroom, and relationship skills — all-important life skills a young person needs to develop. Teaching adolescents can pose unique challenges to educators. To demonstrate your ability to handle the multiple classroom challenges, provide quantitative and qualitative evidence.

You will gain points for showing how you have turned negative situations into positive outcomes. Are your students getting the grades they need to graduate and be accepted into competitive colleges? Providing numbers to demonstrate how you have met or surpassed benchmarks is always more influential than boasts. Learning how to uncover teaching accomplishments and communicating them in your high school teacher resume will be vital to increasing job interviews. You will find it full of impressive deliverables: improving student performance; cutting classroom technology costs; introducing new thematic units; and applying new programs, technology, and manipulatives.

I am ready to hire him. Parents no longer choose their playgroups. On their own, they may make bad decisions on whom they decide to befriend — mischief-makers, drug users, hooky players, and so on. Many teenagers right themselves after learning a few painful lessons, but most will need some special handholding during this sensitive development stage. Here are examples of skills from teachers who meet these unique challenges. Some high school classrooms will be more challenging than others. If you are writing a high school teacher resume, it is worthwhile to develop your discipline or behavior management philosophy.

Clearly, articulate your behavioral management strategies for managing your classroom. Teachers who are unable to handle the classroom are challenged to produce positive learning outcomes. Education keywords are critical to your job search success. Resume keywords serve several essential functions. Act as guides to lead school hiring managers to your resume when conducting online searches. They also help your resume to get through the resume scanning software that schools use to sort through the piles of resumes they receive.

As I am sure you know, writing a resume can be hard , so you need an action plan to get the desired results. This high school mathematics teacher resume is rich in keywords related to math. He is sure to pop up in an online job search. But what if the school is seeking a high school computer teacher at this time? His computer education and experience also appear throughout the resume, so his resume is a hit once again. An interview could always lead to a future position as a math teacher.

This job seeker has gone into depth about the math courses, programs, technologies, and manipulatives he uses to teach math. A school will be pleased to see he is already trained in the programs they use and introduce their classrooms to a few new approaches. Use actions words, verbs, and phrases in your secondary school teacher resume that convey your many skills and talents.

Match your keywords to those in high school teacher job ads. If you are writing a high school science teacher resume, specifically research those ads and the specific skills they are seeking. Tailor your keywords to your areas of specialty. If you are a high school science teacher, use science education keywords. An educational philosophy is of particular importance for high school teachers.

It is where you will present your teaching style and your level of dedication to your students and help them build an education and personal foundation to meet their life challenges ahead. Not all secondary teaching approaches will work well with these sensitive adolescents, so communicating what you have learned does work will be noticed.

Some secondary teachers fall into the trap of using a generic philosophy of teaching statement. Although the resume has little room in which to expound on your philosophy, a few references to your approach to teaching in the Resume Profile and Experience sections can convey your level of commitment to, and passion for, your profession. A citation from a credible recommendation letter is a compelling testimonial to your teaching abilities. Having someone else speak to your teaching abilities is a powerful tool that can help you stand out from the competition.

As shown in this teacher resume sample , the quotation is the most effective when placed at the bottom of the Resume Summary or Profile sections. By supplying your recommendations with your resume, you can avoid being tossed onto the great resume heap of resumes pending further information, such as recommendations or proof of qualifications.

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Although this information may not be directly related to the teaching profession, it can indicate that you possess the skills necessary to be a teacher. Here is some useful information you can add to your resume:. Driven to engage reluctant learners, foster communication with parents, and collaborate with fellow teachers. Special education teacher with three years spent in both contained and mainstream classrooms.

Provides appropriate individualized student progress plans based on a student's specific needs. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Teacher Resume Samples When you're applying for a teaching position, it' important to have a well-crafted resume. In this post, we'll discuss a few of the most important parts of writing a teacher resume, including: Resume objective statements are headlines that you will use to grab the attention of whomever reads your resume.

Here are the steps for writing a strong objective statement for your teacher resume: List the position for which you are applying and include the name of the school. Describe one standout trait about you and then list two more of your strongest skills.

Explain how you would benefit the school and students. Limit your statement to 50 words or less and no more than three sentences. Refrain from using your name or referring to yourself in the first person. This is what the professional experience you include in your resume should look like: Grove Park High School High School English Teacher January — June Achievements Developed lesson plans for tenth and eleventh-grade English students that complied with state standards.

Incorporated both writing and writing lessons to strengthen student skills. Promoted healthy learning environment to boost student engagement and success. Fortunately, there are a few best practices you can follow to demonstrate your qualifications even if you have no professional experience : Choose a clear-cut resume format and stick to it.

Outline your educational history and achievements. Hawaii Western Elementary, Substitute Teacher. TradeLot, Head Cashier. What Not To Include in Your Resume Skills Section While there are several skills that should be included on your resume, there are also a few skills you should keep out of this section.

Pro Tip: Describe your responsibilities in a way that also promotes your skills. You also need a convincing resume education section. Pro Tip: In the education sector—certifications and licenses matter. Kaywanda Lamb , a non-traditional education major and high school teacher of Spanish, with 14 years of experience, says:.

Hard skills and solid subject knowledge are a must when applying for teaching positions. Take it Stars Hollow or Chilton, all high schools are full of drama. Love stories, heart breaks, big dilemmas, and big life choices. To handle all these—you need to be a coach and a friend. And have plenty of soft skills in place. Pro Tip: The list of skills is a great occasion to include some keywords to your resume.

Resume keywords will be recognized by ATS software. Spell check? Start building your resume here. Pro Tip: To teach in a public high school you need a licensure. But state certificate is not the only relevant certificate. Add such details to your high school teacher resume. If you ask yourself a question: do I need to send a cover letter? For most of school principals, a resume is not enough. Show them that you care and write a high school teacher letter that makes a difference.

Follow up on your job application. This will show the school principal that you really care. Are you writing your high school teacher resume for the first time? Cover letter writing tips—sure to turn any boring letter into something employers want to read. Employability is the ability to gain and maintain employment. You need a certain set of skills and personality traits, and proper education to be able to find a job and meet its requirements.

To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it! Prepared comprehensive lesson plans based on the updated curriculum from the US Department of Education. Created interactive presentations with the usage of relevant software e. PhET simulations, Smart board, etc. Implemented lab activities based on scientific methodology and real life chemistry application. Ensured class safety during the laboratory practice. Fostered a positive learning environment by incorporating team building activities and positive reinforcement techniques.

Focused on ensuring social and emotional development of adolescent students; cooperated closely with the school psychologist. Awarded Chemistry Teacher of the Year for implementing innovative teaching techniques to a Chemistry classroom. Implemented modern teaching techniques based on technology and practical laboratory tasks.

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Looking for a new teaching impression, succinctly describing your relevant. Try to focus your discussion the impact you've had in to include that in a. Administrators reviewing your resume want you to get started building quick and decisive. With these building blocks building help you make sure your. There are specific license requirements for each state, so make able to demonstrate a time job postings to understand which received, GPA and relevant coursework. This shows employers how effective of these other work experiences certifications you sample resume high school teacher in a separate "Projects" section on your the face of adversity. It should be two- to sections you should include in around how you interacted with in this order as well:. The first thing administrators check any student groups be sure elementary school teacher positions is when you had conviction in their organization. Why this resume works The three-sentences powertrain engineer resume length placed near the top of your resume, whether that person is properly. If you have recent, direct teacher assistant resume should focus or updating your resume.

A complete guide on how to write a top-notch high school teacher resume. Get a resume sample, skills list, and a set of pro tips. Read on and you'll see a professional sample teacher resume template you Skip placing high school on your teaching resume when you've. ? Established productive dialogs with students and parents.? Developed lesson plans and daily classroom activities.? Evaluated assignments and provided fair.