essay about a playground

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Essay about a playground middle school essay lessons

Essay about a playground


Playgrounds located in schools helps to break class monotony and keep the children active. When children play in the field, they build their muscles. This physical growth would not be possible without setting up the playing areas. As they play, they learn how to solve problems that may arise which plays a part in their cognitive development.

The children that engage in active games in playgrounds develop healthy ways to develop emotionally. This is because they are able to solve boredom, stress and other conditions. Playground exposes children to difficult games, especially in a park. This helps children to get used to challenging situations and handle them. It is surprising how children in a playground come up with new games and rules. This means it still helps in their brain development. A playground makes children shout to each other as they express their thoughts.

This talking helps them to develop language and speaking skills. Playgrounds assist children to improve their creativity. As they come up with plans on how to win a game, they intensively think and tries. The children who play often with new friends help have built confidence by overcoming shyness.

Children learn and develop some physical skills that they can use later in life. A child who is taken to a playground often might learn exercises that may help in future to keep fit. Playgrounds also help during early career development. Some athletes who play games such as gymnastics and marathon may be noticed when they are in the playground at a young age. The playground also keeps the children healthy.

It is possible to keep children from obesity and stressful conditions by allowing them to play. Visiting a park creates a more interactive session of children with their parents. When they keep you watching them, playing with them and congratulating them, it becomes a bonding moment.

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