anything worth doing is worth doing well essay

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Anything worth doing is worth doing well essay example of a nursing student cover letter

Anything worth doing is worth doing well essay


To increase one value. To value the company or brand. Compare the two lists. Do you see it? It is the trade off relationship, if you will commit to me I will commit to you. Many an employer is failing on this end of the spectrum. With that being said, we are the captain of our ship. We must steer the ship in the direction in which we desire to go. Increase your value by keeping your end of the commitment.

Life is made up of commitments. Wedo best when we choose what we are committed to. We choose our spouse. We choose when we have children. We choose our place of worship. We choose our bank. All of our commitments are based on our choosing to be a part of something. The negative issues begin when we feel forced into a commitment. Many people choose a job based on the fact that they need a paycheck, they have no interest in the business, only the check.

Over time this commitment is a drain on the individuals self-worth. They basically begin to see themselves as a mere hired hand. The odd thing is they stay due to the unwillingness to change. Let me make a bold statement at this point. Find something you want to be a part of. Find a career that makes you happy. What are you interested in? When you work with something you love the passion and commitment will come easy. It will be natural. Start looking today.

Do not wait. Find something you choose to be committed to. You may sacrifice monetary gain at first but if you are enjoying what you are doing when you become committed to a career you enjoy the monetary difference will come over time. Imagine in your mind enjoying your career. You are up early and wanting to be at work. You are scheduled to although you are at work by ready to dive into what you love. You have to be reminded it is time to go home. Literature and books are read and studied at home to become more efficient at your craft.

How does this compare to your current situation? What is the difference? The desire to be committed, dedicated to a cause or activity. Through these actions one goes from being an employee to being an asset, instantly going from being a number to being a valuable part of a team. Some state that everyone is replaceable.

This may be true although, we should desire to be difficult to replace due to our commitment. Choosing what you are committed to changes everything. The individual begins to take pride in what they do. They begin to have a sense of value related to the everyday objectives. The overall desire to do a job well is created by a new commitment to a chosen profession. Sometimes a career change is unnecessary to find a goal or desire worthy of commitment.

Maybe being a part of something is what is lacking. It could be as simple as having the ability to share ideas and one talents. It could be leadership abilities that are not being utilized. This would be a desire by the employer and employee to create an opportunity that would allow for these talents and desires to be utilized. A desire to create an atmosphere that creates self worth in the employee that also creates self value for the company.

The application of commitment issimply this, either create or find something you are willing to commit to. This opportunity will not fall into your lap, you must make a conscious decision as an individual to create or find a career you can commit to. How do you find out what that is? A series of simple questions will put you on the right path.

What gets you excited? It could simply be that you are learning something new and it takes a bit of a learning curve. Or, it could just be life. My friend Julie DeMille was busy raising a large family and stopped stressing about perfectly matched socks. For us, not every dinner needs to be a homemade gourmet concoction.

Spaghetti noodles, sauce from a jar, salad from a bag and bread from the grocery store works just fine. For my cousin who is a gourmet chef at a swanky resort, well, her meals are works of art. We have different goals. I enjoy sewing for my kids and grandkids, but by no stretch am I a master seamstress.

I tell my kids buy jeans without holes and just wait. They roll their eyes at how out-of-touch Mom is. That seems to happen naturally around our house, no added cost. For fall break this year, we pulled year old carpet out of a room in our house, patched walls and repainted. Are they perfect? But was it still worth doing?

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【Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.】

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Find the best essay sample on Anything worth doing is worth doing well Therein lieth the in our leading paper example online catalog! In truth, whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well; and nothing can be done well without attention.” Yesterday I felt overwhelmed with the amount. He taught me many things, but one thing sticks out imparticular: “if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” This idea has served me well in my.