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Un chien andalou essay


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Breton mentions the work of Sigmund Freud and the importance that he had realized to dreams. Ultimately, it will be shown how Guy Maddin combines French Surrealist cinema and Hollywood melodrama in The Saddest Music in the World, to create his own unique film style. Un Chien Andalou It starred Reece Shearsmith as an agoraphobic serial killer, trying to cope following the death of his mother. It's a ludicrous 'why hasn't this been thought of before' idea, with Shearsmith perfect as the socially isolated Gregory Brewster, full of nervous facial expressions and awkward looks, but.

The Master of surrealism, Salvador Dali, was known for more than just his art; he dabbled in multiple forms of art, including literature. Dali wrote a variety of books. He was born the third Salvador Dali after his father and brother, who died 9 months before Dali's own birth. Dali lived in the shadow of his brother all of his life. This had a great impact on his artwork.

A lot of his works were an expression of how he felt towards his brother. These works included decay, putrefaction, and other disturbing images. Dali began painting at the. Home Page Un Chien Andalou. Satisfactory Essays. Page 1 of 2 - About 18 essays. Surrealist Film: Un Chien Andalou. Good Essays. Un Chien Andalou Words 2 Pages. Un Chien Andalou. They explored relationships between reality and the many images, which could be shown, on the screen to many people.

They explored these realities through a number of means by reflecting what they perceived to be a dream world, which could capture the imagination and consciousness of mass audiences. Thus, reality was redefined through these films to seek to capture the hearts and minds of this generation. Many of the early surrealists wrote about how the cinema at this time reflected the reality of the present say.

Yet unlike many other forms of art, film was not truly perceived as being surrealist at this time as much as, poetry, fiction, painting, photography, or collage. Subsequently, the scholarship that has evolved around the development of surrealism and film has become highly varied. Each of these variations is due to the time in which scholars have sought to examine these two factors in conjunction with each other. Then a second group of scholars started to examine surrealist films, their directors, and a number of other related scenarios.

These scholars believed that each of these factors had influenced each other whilst these films had been made. They have sought to develop a number of theories or concepts that allow these phenomena to be classified into a number of fields such as, literary or cultural studies Kyrou, Each of these forms of academic investigation into the relationships between surrealism and these films has resulted in a number of differing viewpoints.

In order to fully understand how Harper and Stone , reached their understanding of surrealism, it is necessary to give a brief overview on how academics have examined this and the factors surrounding it, in relation to film.

Therefore a brief overview of this shall now be undertaken. As has already been outlined above, a number of scholars have sought to explore the relationships between film and surrealism. However, since this time academics have sought to understand a number of elements, which may be derived from specific disciplines.

Matthews and Kovacs started to seek to understand the general interests that the surrealists had in film and they wanted to know what the aspirations of these thinkers were in relation to the specific elements of each film. Thus, the analysis of the surrealist movement and film started to take shape. Beyond this, other scholars such as, Short and Richardson started to discuss the actual surrealist film makers in an attempt to bridge the gap between what they were trying to attain whilst they were making these films, as many other scholars had focused on a number of other specific elements Kyrou, Other works had focused on analysing the relationships between surrealism and cinema, such as, Lancanian psycholinguistic analysis Williams, and theories that are more recently new have evolved.

Both Kuenzli and Harper and Stone have broadened these examinations of the relationships between surrealism and cinema. Kuenzli focuses on the French surrealist films that were produced in the s and s, whereas Harper and Stone have sought to understand the cultural genres, which may be associated with these surrealistic films. In particular, Harper and Stone surmise that:. Surrealist cinema presents an unsilvered screen offering no refection to an audience except the possibility of examining, through unsettling the status quo, the truth of their own lives; reality, that is caught in the moments, the memories, the unexpected glimpses beyond the everyday.

Thus, they have sought to understand the cultural aspects that may be related to surrealism and film. There is much more that may be said about the relationship between these two factors, one may considered the origins, manifestations, images and a number of other surrealist works which may have influenced this movement. One may also examine the fact that the surrealist movement if often associated with the idea of revolt.

This was because what evolved in the ear of the First World War era, where ideas were rejected, as they appeared to be out-dated in a radical time of political or social change and devastation. This, it may be seen that surrealism tried to address these out-dated ideas by seeking to explored new means of expression which were relevant to the time when they were produced. The fact is that it encompassed so many ideas and so many variable forms of art that it may be examined by scholars from a number of perspectives.

From this, it may be derived that there is not one way of examining the relationships between surrealism and film. Freud was an Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst he studied under Jean-Martin Charcot before opening his own medical practice in Vienna. He is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind, which have been alluded to throughout this essay.

He believed that he could understand the unconscious mind through the practice of psychoanalysis Freud, This consisted of a specialised dialogue that was undertaken through free association between a doctor and his patient. He became renowned for a number of his theories at this time however; the most pertinent to surrealism is his theory of dreams. He published his Interpretation of Dreams in the early part of the twentieth century Freud, In it, he states that:.

Yet, it would be wrong to assume that such a connection between the dream-content and reality will be easily obvious from a comparison between the two. On the contrary, the connection must be carefully sought, and in quite a number of cases, it may for a long while elude discovery. The reason for this is to be found in a number of peculiarities evinced by the faculty of memory in dreams; which peculiarities, though generally observed, have hitherto defied explanation.

It will be worth our while to examine these characteristics exhaustively the dreamer into another world. This is shown through the film, which is discussed in more detail below. In his autobiography, the director, Luis Bunuel, wrote about his film Un Chien Andalou he stated that:. Both of these statements provide us with a useful insight into what Bunuel was seeking to achieve. He saw that the script and the film as a production from his unconscious.

He regarded this as a great resource through which he could express and understand irrational things, which formed the world around him. One could adopt an approach that is derived from psychoanalysis to seek to understand his motivations and thought processes. Either way, we must consider the emotional aspects, which are related to this film, as this is how the director created Un Chien Andalou. This could be undertaken through examining the visual experiences of an audience as they watched the film or through examining the dialogue and its metaphors.

Breton commented that:. For him, the images were in the surrealist films that were so striking. This may be seen as one of the key strengths of this genre, it reveals and explores a new reality, which the audience may experience first hand. This is what made them so emotionally insightful and gave the audience the feeling that they understood their conflicts and desires. A sequence from this film may be used as an example to illustrate this.

He spots some books scribbled upon by ink, walks over, closes the books, and holds them to his chest with an air of disapproval. He returns to the cyclist, still standing by the wall, and hands him the books, shaking his head as if in disappointment.

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Therefore, these dissolves have the effect of metaphor: the succeeding shots do not advance any kind of story, but rather advance a series of imaginative associations among images. Un Chien Andalou contains a number of apparent continuity errors. Describe at least one of these. Un Chien Andalou contains a number of scenes showing trauma to the human body. Describe at least one of these scenes.

Why might be it be significant that the film prominently features such trauma? In what ways might it be symbolic of the act of filmmaking itself i. The Question and Answer section for Un Chien Andalou is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Remember me.

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. It was a film that toyed with the corruption of reality, time, and symbolism Turvey, Upon repeat viewings, one begins to see that this entire film represents a dream in the mind of real-life, modern-day Oedipus Stead, He stares blankly at the moon, to see a thin cloud slicing across its surface.

Just as the audience is seemingly spared the gruesomeness of the actual event by this visual metaphor, the razor slices the eye in close-up, spilling its jelly-like contents. The emblematic reference to Oedipus when Apollo gives him the strength to carve his own eyes out of their sockets, to be able to see the unconscious and beyond what is in his direct vision. This exploration and illustration was carried out with the use of dream imagery, symbols, puns, and with a general attitude of complete freedom of expression.

The surrealists were concerned with liberating the imagination from its rational and scientific chains by making use of dreams and fantasy Bunuel, himself, in his Notes on the Making of Un Chien Andalou , has the following to say about the surrealist movement and its relation to his film: Un Chien Andalou would not have existed if the movement called surrealist had not existed.

For its "ideology," its psychic motivation and the systematic use of the poetic image as an arm to overthrow accepted notions corresponds to the characteristics of all authentically surrealist work. This film has no intention of attracting nor pleasing the spectator; indeed, on the contrary, it attacks him, to the degree that he belongs to a society with which surrealist is at war. Stauffacher 29 - Un Chien Andalou is a historically important film because of the profound impact it has on its viewer.

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