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Manicurists and pedicurists nail salon business plan work on a commission basis first and eventually decide to open their own nail salons. Running your own nail salon has the potential to be a very profitable business with low overheads. The mostly female customers can pamper themselves with affordable manicures and pedicures, even when they cannot afford expensive spa visits. The nail salon business plan should begin with the company description that establishes the brand. There are a range of salon types, with some nail salons marketing themselves as walk-in, family friendly businesses and are often located in malls. There are also upscale nail salons that are typically located in upmarket shopping centers, day spas, or luxury hotels and resorts.

The most exciting holiday of my life essay margie paris resume

The most exciting holiday of my life essay


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It also should be written in a proper and understandable way. This way your readers will enjoy reading your story and other people, who have never heard of it, may also want to take a look at it. Choose a topic that makes you write with passion! If you have strong emotions when you think of a specific episode that happened to you, you will be able to write a fascinating story and involve your readers and listeners into it.

Here are some essay topics that you can use for creating a great paper for school or college. They can come in handy to anyone who has no idea where to start! Choosing a topic from this list you can be confident in your success but do not forget to check the requirements given by your tutor to ensure that the selected topic is appropriate.

To how to write narrative essay , just take a look at this list:. A narrative essay is usually told from your own point of view. You are the narrator telling a story to the audience. To help write an interesting story, find out a host of narrative essay topics. Holidays and traveling are something all students love. These topics are interesting for students because they help disclose their creative potential, and in the course of writing, they make you recall the most memorable moments.

It is also interesting for the readers because they are full of vivid details, exciting turns, and interesting stories. Are you going to write an essay on traveling or holidays? Here are some ideas:. A personal narrative speech is the one that aims to introduce the speaker to the audience. When you think of how an essay can be changed to a speech, you should follow several steps:.

Writing a narrative speech or essay is an interesting yet challenging task because you have to tell about something personal. However, your personal story will be powerful if you choose a suitable topic. Start with deciding on the experience you want to share to make a persuasive message. The narrative speech focuses on personal experiences that have made a particular effect on the speaker. These can be both inspiring and upsetting; what matters is that the person has learned a lesson from the story.

Therefore, when working on your task, you can be confident that choosing to share a life-changing experience from your past is a good decision. There are many other exciting ideas - just check the top essay ideas list - and these ones are most popular in all colleges all over the country. When writing a narrative essay, you can find many more exciting topics if you look back at the most meaningful moments that happened to you.

Always keep in mind that you should check the requirements of a narrative essay topic for college students given by your instructor before writing. There is a service where you can buy a narrative essay or edit it online with the help of experienced writers if you have no time to write this assignment fast. When writing a personal narrative essay for college, students obtain many skills required for producing a high-quality paper.

These skills include some basics — the word choice, organization, and the ability to proofread and edit texts. Finally, if we talk about more complex topics, writing such a story also teaches a student how to reflect on his or her own experiences, how to analyze certain situations, and how to objectively assess the actions and decisions you have made. Besides, if you choose a good topic, it is also a fun and creative process.

I started to show some steps to my teacher so everyone in the class laughs at me due to the clumsy steps I took. Then our teacher encouraged me to show him more and then the story begins. As days passed, the teacher came to our class and mostly called me to do the dance.

He started to teach me so many steps and gave me encouragement about how I have to behave in front of a large audience. He told me to read about Charleston dance style as it was very popular in the USA since the s and it was a very face-paced dance that is strongly syncopated means it is much unstressed with musical beats, movements, and steps.

This name is taken or derived from Charleston in South Carolina which is danced by more than two people but it was a solo African-American dance. This dance was accepted in as a ballroom dance. Our teacher told us that these movements of Charleston came from Trinidad, Ghana or Nigeria. He also told me that there are many experts that believed that this dance first appears in in different black communities and taken by Whitman sisters stage act in at Harlem production in We also came to know that it became famous in when the first debut in the musical as Running Wild.

When the day arrives for me to compete in the dancing competition that I have to put everything I have learned in years. I seldom get exhausted on the floor on dancing even I am dancing alone in my home and I never want to give up because my urge is to be the best dancer in my school.

I found that one must keep doing dance in the spare time in order to become expert in this sport. One must also make sure their customer also matches the music they are dancing on. When you perform in front of many people that is the most exciting part. We make sure that our hair, clothes, makeup are according to a situation before we hit the floor.

When our team is next in the line, everyone in the team feels excited to show their latent talent on the stage. When we are on the stage all dancers are hooking up and waiting for their turn to show it to the audience. After announcers announce our team name, we just dance our head out in the middle of the floor with full zeal. We received a standing ovation when the music ends and everyone in the hall stands up and we walk back to our room filled with excitement and anxiously waiting to receive the award in the award ceremony.

When every time is done from their part, we were waiting to get awarded if our name comes into the three best teams. Finally, we heard that the school that took second place is … [school name]. Suddenly, excited screams fill at the stage which made every dancer of our team jumping, hugging and screaming with joy with one another as a second-place we took in our first competition of year [year].

We visited our family to cheer them too and our friends too. When we bring gifts to our family and friends like shirts, ice cream or flowers are our exciting moment. We advise dancers not to eat much before dancing so they can easily make dancing moves. We often exchange hugs and give best wishes to every dancer that they also take any position in the competition. With or without a partner, a series set of movements of music is said to be a dance. With this definition, we express our feelings and get active after it.

We know that dance is also a part of our history that date back to cave paintings found in Spain and France from 30, to 15, BC with drawings that are vivid of figures dancing with ritual illustration in early human history. Many people consider it as a life that came down to earth from heavens. History of dance often changes the way people see the world and experience their life with it. We love to dance when we are in our childhood. We love to make moves without hesitation and love to enjoy them anywhere even before going to bed.

Our history teacher told us that dance evolved into praise songs and enacted by actors or dancers and near the end of 5 th century BC, we came to know that dance is the part of entertainment and it offers political and social commentary on that times. The teacher told us that Romans dance waxed and waned in the acceptance with the CEASERS they were ruled with but till BC we came to know that dance brought life to celebrations, processions and festivals but again in BC all schools in Roman Empire for dancing were closed because they felt to be suspicious and dangerous.

Since ancient times we know there are many similarities when people learned these dance to express themselves with their problems, beliefs, emotions, and actions. We also do the same things in dance with our feelings and thoughts. We also understand that in future we will be reflected with our dance in our society with many times of dances like line dancing, slow dancing, ballet, and the list goes on and one.

Every dance presents the event, expression and time it is developed. The dance will never die as it expresses something different for everyone. Dance and writing — the observation above that language are related to motion in conjunction, and not only by means of a thicket of arrival and meanings but by also capable of triggering a flow of speech movement. And poetry, in turn, is something dances Generic, in the sense of poignant twist, turn, the feeling for the vague, the balance no, I do not want to speak of lightness in this context.

And is observable as physical Learn shoots through the lines, opening into metaphors … I thought that dance before the writing, the writing, perhaps there was even before the announcements, as a catalog of forms of movement or Formulas.

As a first language, externalization with the content of meanings. Martina Hefter, who also works as a performer, considered writing and dancing as the same weight for itself, although, as she confesses in her essay, never wanted a desk job. Art activity, in this writing and dancing, she understands the process of approximation to ideas about the choreography or to be written text.

That makes it exciting for me. The whole thing is a process that is determined by extensions, variations that it wishes to target not met so as the person imagined. Even me as a reader only an approximation as possible regarding my expectations of the present text. This expectation was disappointed but gifted with something else. Because stapler exploration deals with the question of what happens in the process of writing, dancing, as it takes place, what happens to oneself? What Martina stapler is able to give us, are new ways of thinking and perception spaces, such as when they are in relation to the seat ends as himself formulated: Many have a bad attitude while sitting.

They could expand to odd movement patterns bring in choreographic arrangements. I only see people in conversations. Spinal semicircle pressed into the seat. Side bent physical ways of thinking and there is inner tension, what happens when you poke. As I get up, I thrive. The stapler is important to put himself in writing to the role of the dancer to move so thoroughly with the text.

The mind, which she developed in ballet dancing, it is a prerequisite for poem writing. Must any theory about dancing, the stage practice, performances always in words in a language of words manufactured are, she asks. They could also draw or offer as a performance … It reminds me of this approach to the encounter with the book to another author whose writing is also closely linked to the dance.

In it, the concept of free dance Company is presented that the restoration of fragmented unity of music, language, and movement of art and life time, the editor in the epilogue. It also includes dance pieces of the author, texts that consist on the one hand very intense choreographic descriptions, on the other hand from verses spoken by the dancers.

The prejudice against belly dancing is indeed become less, but the image of half-naked, provocatively dancing women wiggle a bit with your hips, still haunts. But there are wonderful dancers worldwide — known and unknown — who speak a different language and prove that oriental dance technique, practice, creativity, skill, and knowledge required.

There is no standardization or standardization as in other dance techniques, such as the classical ballet, where a major adjustment to the standards required by the structures. There is an incredible wealth of movements in oriental dance, not only hip, pelvis — and abdominal movements, but also movements of the chest, shoulders, arms, head movements, combinations of steps, turns, jumps. The movement diversity holds endless possibilities of expression and then there are the props with which a woman can dance: veil, stick, saber, candlesticks, and cymbals, with cymbals, are more of a musical instrument as a prop.

As in all dance techniques that spring movements from the midsection. But in oriental dance, we dance not only for but with the midsection! The movements of the oriental dance are circular, wavy or curved … And then there are the shimmies: vibration and oscillation.

All these movements we find in the universe: the macrocosm and in the subatomic microcosm. We reflect the cosmic dance in oriental dance! Recent research has brought to light that more than five million years matriarchal cultures have existed in which to give birth the women with their gift of life, in the center was a divine principle of life and fertility were worshiped as the numerous statuettes of women-finds evidence from this period.

Men representations are rare. In Egypt, there are the Ghawazee women who received across the dance through the ages alive. During the French occupation of Egypt by Napoleon in Ghawazee who were very poor, were prostituted, exploited and banned, even killed. Poor and desperate dancers danced in nightclubs to the amusement of the occupiers and the European tourists who were traveling at these times to exotic Egypt and of which we have travel reviews and information on dancers, such as by the writer Flaubert.

The natural eroticism inherent in this dance has made it women under the constraints of patriarchal societies not easy not to alienate themselves and to meet prevailing men wishes and ideas and use. For us women today means oriental dance, how to manage them yourself to discover and express ourselves.


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A couple of months ago I went to watch a 3D animated movie in a movie theatre for the first time in my life. I have had the experience of watching a 3D movie at home but not on a really large screen in a theatre.

It was an overwhelming experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went to watch the movie with two close friends of mine and it was mid-November in The name of the movie theatre was Once there, I decided to watch a 3D movie as I thought it would be fun to watch a 3D movie on a large screen. To share my impression with you, I was enthralled and quite taken aback by the surreal stage at which I entered when I wore the 3D glasses. It was as if I was present at the event and was witnessing the whole thing with my own eyes!

Just after I put on the glasses that were designed for watching 3D movies, I was taken to a magical yet original world of animation. I can not compare it with my previous experience of watching a movie in a theatre. I felt as if I was cut off from reality and transported to a fairy world of animated characters. The sound system of the theatre added another thrilling dimension to the experience. Though 3D movies are still in its primary stages, I would say, it has advanced remarkably and offers a whole new dimension to the movie lovers.

The experience I have had at that time was unique. I was so enchanted with the experience that I went to watch another 3D movie within a week. Afterwards, I have enjoyed more than five or six 3D movies so far but the excitement of experiencing it for the first time is unforgettable. Model Answer 2: Life is full of many exciting experiences, some of which, we tend to forget, but as for others, we remember them for a long time. Today, I would like to talk about such an experience, involving riding on a boat, which I will never forget.

The lake was very famous, not only because of its huge size but also because of its crystal clear water. Anyway, I was very excited about my visit to see the lake, but little did I know that even more excitement and surprise were waiting for me. However, the problem was I never had a boat journey before, nor did I know any swimming. But my friend was indeed brave, and he assured me that nothing would happen. So, our boat journey started and in no time, I found myself far away from the lakeshore.

The exciting thing was that I could actually see the fishes swimming around us through the clear water of the lake! In a second, I forgot about my fear and wanted to catch some of those big fishes, but my friend prevented me. I also felt like the fishes wanted to talk to us and befriend us when they were swimming around our boat! Sample Answer 3: Thank you very much for this nice cue card topic. I am happy to be able to talk about an exciting and unique experience of my life.

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