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Cause of bullying essays

In terms of school related deaths, the offenders were more than twice as likely to have been victims of bullying than other students Anderson et al. Not many victims does this for fear of retaliation; nonetheless some victims are brave enough to fight back. All forms of bullying, including cyber-bullying, are considered intolerable and criminal at school. Bullying can cause terrible situations in schools.

Consequently, bullying at Columbine High School caused a school shooting. Bullying also leads to suicides of students across the nation. Studies show that bullying can also inhibit learning and encourages antisocial behavior problems.

Many schools have been trying to send the message that tormenting children is prohibited. That is a question, that not everyone agrees on, but some researchers see teasing and bullying as intentionally hurtful behavior. Verbal abuse is the most common form of bullying for both sexes Kaiser 1. So what type of bullying is considered the most hurtful?

Both boys and girls consider relational bullying as the most hurtful type of bullying. Relational bullying occurs when someone is excluded a group or event, talked about behind their back, is the subject of rumors and lies, or giving the silent treatment. Research shows students who are a victim struggle in school and would often skip class, furthermore are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, be depressed and are at higher risk of committing suicide Kennedy. School administrators. Campus High School has been the focus point for many bullies.

No matter what school kids go to they will always find bullying and a student who is affected by it. Many of the students who are bullied turn out to be gay or lesbian or bisexual and get bullied more than kids who are not.

There are many different factors that can lead to student to the fringe. Bullying is a huge influence on schools and the students within those schools. Most students that hit their breaking point in school are kids that just do not fit in or feel like they are not accepted by others. The transition into high school can be a big change from lower grades and also at high school age other students seem to be more critical toward their peers.

As is to being bullied there are is a different side and that is what drives a person to. Why does bullying happen? Bullying first became a major issue in the public sector, with some schools and government agencies taking an enthusiastic interest in safeguarding against it. Bullying is the act of intentionally hurting someone whether it is physically, verbally, or psychologically.

About half of students have been bullied sometime in their life and are scared to talk to an adult about it. Bullying can occur numerous times to the same child or teenager. Some acts that bullying include are hitting, pushing, and other unacceptable acts.

There are various types of bullying that occur. However, cyberbullying is one of the most common types of bullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs mostly on social media. Posting threatening and inappropriate messages about another student, falls under cyberbullying.

As a result to bullying, students are most likely to experience negative impacts. These negative impacts include depression and anxiety, health complaints, decreased academic achievement, and maybe even suicide. Children feel embarrassed which is one of the reasons why most students who get bullied do not enjoy going to school. Children fear about being bullied in school, which is one of the reasons children miss out on their own education.

Bullying in its various forms is a problem most children or teenagers face almost anywhere, which negatively impacts them in many ways. Bullying can happen anywhere. If they are the recipients of taunting in the home, they may bully others to make them feel better about themselves. When such behavior is not addressed, they feel empowered, and the bullying could escalate to dangerous levels.

They thrive on being feared and erroneously equate that to respect. Bullies often have a short temper, and anything can trigger them. Victims of bullying can be severely affected. Many go on into their adulthood with their self- esteem shattered.

The scars they bear from bullying are mostly psychological, and these are the hardest to heal. The longer they are bullied, the deeper the psychological damage will be. Bullies also develop serious mental issues in adulthood, especially when in situations where they cannot bully others. They will also have problems in their social life and in forming meaningful relationships. Some children will refuse to go back to school or take certain classes that could see them cross paths with a bully.

Their grades will take a hit because their concentration will be hindered. Victims who report their bullies to relevant authorities and do not get a reprieve could end up with trust issues. They may also decide to seek their revenge, often with severe consequences. Besides the psychological issues, some bullies inflict physical harm to their victims.

They could leave them with scars which would be constant reminders of what they have gone through. When the psychological effects of bullying persist, it could lead to people becoming violent as adults or hardcore criminals. Victims who do not seek help can develop depression, and in more severe cases, they can commit suicide.

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Bullying is one of the main challenges children are facing at schools. This research paper aims at exploring the causes, effects. Read Essay on Bullying; definition, types, causes, impacts & ways to stop bullying with outline, heading, for children & students. Causes And Effects Of Bullying (Essay Sample). /01/04 by Simon White Cause and Effect Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples.