reality tv programmes which feature personalities essay

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Reality tv programmes which feature personalities essay peer pressure research paper

Reality tv programmes which feature personalities essay

Further, media exposure has been positively associated with aggressive and violent habits, sexual misdemeanors, and addictive lifestyles Paredes et al. That the RTV shows teach teenagers to put a lot of emphasis on physical beauty, excessive reveling, and make them lose focus on the significance of intelligence and true success.

The social learning theory and the social cognitive theory support this evidence since the theories speculate that the learning process involves modeling of experiential deportments and the meaning persons attribute to observed events Haq and Rahman Whereas parents, psychotherapists, and psychologists may view RTV shows as bearing negatively on teenagers, network programmers and advertisers assume a positive stance on the effects of RTV on the teenagers due to expanded market of their products.

The more the hours spent by teenagers on watching these shows, the more information they gather on products used or advertised alongside the shows. From the preceding statement, it is evident that reality shows do not impact teenagers negatively only. Consequently, an analysis of both the beneficial and harmful effects of RTV is imperative. Some potential benefits of watching RTV shows include dealing with fear, learning how to live with other people, job competencies such as sociability, team-action, interdependency, work organization, and innovativeness.

RTV shows such as Survivor and Fear factor are good examples of programs that achieve these goals. Given the themes addressed by these shows, however, RTV is possibly more damaging due to their realistic portrayal of experiences as compared to other forms of media. Watching these programs creates positive attitudes, increases the number of peers engaged, and heightens the frequency and the desire to consume or participate in themes dealt with in the shows Patino et al Scenes of violence on the TV are connected with elevated tendencies towards hostility, tempers, and bullying habits.

That is unfortunate since the majority of these shows contain insults, anger blasts, self-regard, gross misconduct, and folly as their major elements Patino et al. It is for this reason that Fogel and Kovalenko performed an experimental study on students to establish the level of apparent realism of the content of RTV shows and outlooks towards tolerance of violent behaviors They found a positive correlation between viewing violent content on television and increased permissive attitudes.

In their study, they also established that increased tolerance to violence could lead to risky delinquent conduct Fogel and Kovalenko Violence is one of the primary entertainment themes associated with enjoying RTV shows. Therefore, it is logical to argue that the unpremeditated violent habits portrayed on the RTV shows may sway viewers to tolerate and engage in unwarranted violent activities such as fighting, theft, domestic squabble, etc.

Such activities are chancy behaviors as they may expose teenagers to an increased level of antagonism and adoption of exploitive attitudes. In the current generation where proper parental care and support are a mirage, teenagers grow up to become oppressive, authoritarian adults and pass these undesirable traits to the next generation.

The problem becomes worse in cases of troubled youths, those with psychological problems and social disorders like low esteem, drug addiction, etc. An increase in acceptance of alcohol use occurs, especially when celebrity alcohol use is depicted.

As these teenagers embrace what is seen on TV, they often take on the evils of the mainstream culture. Nevertheless, alcohol abuse is not a desirable practice as it has been linked to severe accidents, high-risk sensual activity, suicide attempts, hostile behaviors, homicide, and death Patino et al.

Besides, RTV shows may inculcate bad vices such as selfishness, unhealthy competition, and capitalistic ideologies in settings where each of the participants is aimed at obtaining one goal. To reinforce this view, Haq and Rahman established that many teenagers in third world countries are not attracted to outlawed products shown on TV and that some of them from conservative cultures and religions dislike the scanty dresses worn by the RTV participants and judges The teenage population, as a discrete market section, has grown profoundly.

Therefore, it is important for marketing researchers and advertisers to appreciate how teenagers learn and respond in order to better mold marketing strategies that fit them. The virtues are formed as a function of 1 qualitative transformations in rational-development phases and 2 exchanges between socialization means and people in different social situations Paredes et al. For instance, teenagers develop a preference for international brands if they are shown on RTV.

However, the above view does not hold in light of the consumption of prohibited commodities and alcohol. RTV shows help teenagers cultivate customer-related awareness, opinions, and values which help them with knowledge of product and brand consumption, imitations, style, inspiration, and product placement Haq and Rahman In particular, RTV shows are suitable for product placement due to the high chances of being integrated into the environment of the program as these products can easily be recalled by viewers connected to the program Patino et al.

Similarly, the shows help them discern what comprises appropriate or undesirable manners towards products, use of prohibited products like alcoholic drinks, greediness, and disruptive performances. Often, teenagers view brands promoted by celebrities as having the inherent capability to make them outstanding.

The teenagers develop trust for RTV celebrities. Thus, the celebrity endorsement of a particular product is sufficient to solicit teenage consumption. The product will be valuable to the consumer if the celebrity endorsing it has the correct knowledge about it, e.

Teenagers share information, give preferences and opinions about RTV shows. However, there is variation between developed and developing countries. Relatively, parents in advanced nations give their children more opportunities to use various media Haq and Rahman Conversely, parental control in underdeveloped countries is stricter and entails mechanisms such as negotiation, directive, censorship, reproach, reinforcement; rules, and restriction Haq and Rahman Boys often lean towards action and fantasy as girls opt for passion, babble, and fascination in RTV Paredes et al.

As such, the level of impact of these shows on the two sexes also differs. For example, Fogel and Kovalenko established that boys are more permissive to violent habits than girls According to sources many people believed that reality…. However, most of these reality TV shows have one very unfortunate factor in common. A majority of these reality shows display certain racial and ethnic groups in a negative light by expressing and exploiting negative stereotypes for views.

These stereotypes in reality television are very harmful to the groups affected and to society in general and should not be shown on…. The show follows the lives of eight housemates spending their summer at Jersey Shore, New Jersey. The morality of this show can be questioned since members usually behave like reckless teenagers.

Certainly there is not underage drinking, but we have to question ourselves why is this behavior shown on air as normal and acceptable. Reality TV shows are very famous among the people of the country. People of all ages watch the reality shows which are telecasted in different channels in….

It had as its theme praise of elites or invocations on gods and as its hero an extraordinary man who completed extraordinary deeds. All the protagonists showed valor and sought glory. Then society witnessed the rise of middle class and along came the genre of novel.

Gradually the heroes were of working class or…. Reality tv ruins common morals and causes child and teens to act as the actors in the show. Parents should monitor the number of hours their children watch reality tv. Watching reality tv creates the basis of delusions and dangerous stereotypes for the impressionable. When watching reality tv children start to believe what they are seeing on television…. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays.

Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Home Page Reality Shows Essay. Page 1 of 50 - About Essays. Reality In The Truman Show Have you ever wanted to get away from reality, and go explore something new?



Then society witnessed the rise of middle class and along came the genre of novel. Gradually the heroes were of working class or…. Reality tv ruins common morals and causes child and teens to act as the actors in the show. Parents should monitor the number of hours their children watch reality tv.

Watching reality tv creates the basis of delusions and dangerous stereotypes for the impressionable. When watching reality tv children start to believe what they are seeing on television…. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Home Page Reality Shows Essay. Page 1 of 50 - About Essays. Reality In The Truman Show Have you ever wanted to get away from reality, and go explore something new?

Read More. Words: - Pages: 3. Words: - Pages: 6. Reality Show Narcissism It has been argued that viewers and participants of reality television are being manipulated due to certain political economy and ideological issues. Words: - Pages: 7. Words: - Pages: 5. Reality Show Sociology Jennifer Flores Professor, Isaac 31st October, Intro to Sociology Theoretical Perspectives Ever since the 21st century reality television shows have become very popular among our society which has captivated our attention as it has influenced the way we live our life.

Words: - Pages: 4. Stereotypes In Reality Shows of millions of people. Words: - Pages: 8. Words: - Pages: 2. But does this reality TV revolution present the viewers with real life? Or does it present what the TV producers want the viewers to see? Reality TV is built on the foundations of exposing and exciting human emotions. In this aspect reality TV has successfully portrayed human emotions. The cameras have captured all features of being humans.

Finally came the way that reality TV is today. Also her mentioning the ability to merge words together to make contestants sound like they are saying something specific, which gives us a false sense of reality contest shows as well. All of these things bu In conclusion, Reality Bites Back was a well written read that Pozner managed very well in exploring the things that you can read into when looking at where our cultural behavior is evolving from.

This is something we need to be conscious of when we watch things that will have an impact on us and the youth that we must shape amongst are values. Some people find their escape through drugs and alcohol, but another option is reality television. Similarly, Dr. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Every show is based on the life of people live and how society becomes now. This means every show they made, they need to research and been through different steps first.

They put real people in the shows and giving them opportunity to try. This are real person who had skills, who stand on the stage showing other people what they good at. Also, people live in this society need to watch the shows so they can know how people go through different situation.

Who watch this show can believe there are people have challenges. For another example, the news is updated every hour because they are helping us to know what happening around us and over the World. From the news people can recognize what good and bad side from other country. Watching the news people can have more understanding about what happen to another country. The other sides of the news bring people closer, so we can help each other.

And reality shows is bring us truths story and get people having more knowledge. From the reality TV show people who watching can learn about their personality. Also they can reset itself in different situation. Kardashians families they are people who have affecting in entertainment, so people want to know how Superstar lives their life. From this show people can learn her life different from other.

It is the real persons because the cameras follow them every second. This is about how child as the same age become beauty queen.

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It also involves the filming of real-life situations where individuals undertake specific tasks. A lot of reality shows feature numerous talented people that the world knows very little about them. By starring in these shows, they get a chance to display their talents and people take notice of them. In a while, all major companies will be calling them, and they will break the grounds into different industries. A lot of stars appear on reality shows. Often, when we watch them or read about them on different platforms, all we see is the glamorous life they have.

We get to a place where we are envious of them thinking their lives are better than ours. However, reality shows help us see that they are just like us and go through the things we go through. These shows help us get the real pictures.

There are those that are highly informative. They teach you life-skills, how to do certain things, how to handle situations, and so much more. We have enough productions that are scripted and fictitious. Most individuals can relate to these issues. It is refreshing and encouraging to see that new faces get some spotlight, rather than the usual stars, mostly from the movie industry.

The very aspect of being human that gives confidence to individuals to rumor about their family, friends, and even a foreigner is what constitutes and promotes an audience for such reality television shows. It is more of a car crash on one side of the freeway. The glimpses into the lives other individuals are regularly shucking, yet impractical to ignore. The viewers are presented with the opportunity to watch and discover what happens when strangers with varying backgrounds are made to live together.

Researchers regularly acknowledge, as a minimum, six gratifications of media exploits. Even though the brands for these indulgences may be changed, diverse studies substantiate that they are sustainable and targets all circumstances. Based on this, the main question would be on the type of indulgence that viewers obtain from such reality television shows.

The social comparison theory might play a crucial role in explaining and uncovering a very essential motive which a lot of individuals might not be able or are not willing to articulate openly. Communal evaluation theory puts forward that people have a need or drive to evaluate their opinions and abilities. In the year nineteen fifty four, Festinger, the individual who came up with the theory and established research in this field, proposed that individuals who were uncertain about their opinions and abilities would evaluate themselves through associations linked to their equals.

In fact, people evaluate themselves for a range of reasons. This may include: to establish a virtual standing on a particular matter or related aptitude; verify norms; emulate behaviors; raise spirits or feel better about life Frisby In addition, they may want to establish their personal situations as well as evaluate personality, emotions, and self-worth. Self-development is the key result of a growing evaluation since the targets act as role models. It also motivates and teaches individuals to accomplish or conquer related problems.

On the other hand, a communal evaluation that encompasses a target who is regarded to be substandard, inept, or less providential is referred to as a descending evaluation. Its fundamental principle is that individuals feel healthier about their own condition and develop their prejudiced well-being when they do comparisons. Hypothetically, downward comparisons assist individuals to cope with individual predicaments by allowing them to view themselves and their troubles in a more constructive way by acknowledging that there are others with more complex matters.

Reality televisions enable the audience to live vicariously, giggle, and weep via the daily, average individuals who have the chance to experience things, which until the minute they are shown, a lot of individuals only dream of. Viewers mostly tune into these programs since they posses elements that the audience would admire to experience on their own.

Introduction to heartbreaking events or terrible news calls for social comparison among the viewers. It is supposed that reality viewers may be encouraged to evaluate and differentiate their own state of affairs with those stars of the reality shows. This comparison procedure could ultimately create a sense of self-satisfaction. To better comprehend the reactions made when an individual is exposed to media content, an analysis of the opinions made in the course of watching the reality television was carried out.

The investigator coded all the opinions that contained terms of social comparisons which members made on their own volition. It is an actuality that reality television can enthrall thousand of spectators at any given occasion on a particular day. Research has started to document on how individuals get involved in impulsive and habitual communal evaluations when exposed to particular media pictures, especially those of reality television. Reality TV further acts as a much-required diversion from the constant parade of disastrous global events.

It enables viewers to have an option of watching others triumph over adversity, escape menace, get a job, learn to endure and even discover feeling of affection. Whether the plan is adoration, cash, motivated expression, becoming a star, or just an opportunity to be seen on television, the impact on the audiences is similar. Individuals admire to know that there are other people who are facing similar situations that they may be in. They also do make the same mistakes Frisby A social evaluation does not call for an individual to provide elaborate, careful, conscious ideas about the assessment, but it means that there ought to be, to some extent, an endeavor to discover or look for resemblance or disparities between the self and other on a few particular aspects.

Quite a number of theorists would argue that for an evaluation to be regarded as a comparison, the individual ought to have knowledge about the assessment and get in touch with with the other person directly. Nevertheless, social evaluations do not need individual contact or awareness since imaginary characters showed in the media could represent significant standards of evaluation. Information on social evaluation and media utilization suggests that daily encounters with television programs may provide the viewers with information that persuades them to participate in a customary and impulsive communal evaluation.

This eventually impacts on mood and other features of prejudiced well-being. Individuals may not be in a position to deliberately articulate the evaluation process or willfully register its impact on issues such as self-development and self-improvement. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Reality Television.