argumentative essay about should obese people pay more taxes

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Argumentative essay about should obese people pay more taxes research papers autism pre school

Argumentative essay about should obese people pay more taxes


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It would be similar in principle to a cigarette or alcohol tax. Pros of a Fat Tax Social cost. A fat tax would make people pay the social cost of unhealthy food. Consumption of fatty foods have external costs on society. For example, eating unhealthy foods contributes to the problem of obesity.

Blackwell-Synerg y. These costs are due to NHS costs of treating disease related to obesity, such as heart disease, angina, diabetes, strokes. Time lost at work due to obesity issues. Lost earnings from obesity-related disease and premature death. A tax on fatty foods would make people pay the social cost of these foods. Increasing the cost of unhealthy foods, would reduce demand and play a role in reducing obesity levels.

Making people pay social cost would achieve a more efficient allocation of resources. A tax on unhealthy foods would encourage people to choose healthier foods which lead to improved health and would help reduce related disease.

A fat tax would also encourage producers to supply foods lower in fat and sugar. Fast food outlets would have an incentive to provide a wider range of foods. Raise revenue. Through increasing tax on fatty foods, the government could raise substantial sums of money. They could use this revenue to offset other taxes — such as decrease the basic rate of VAT. Therefore, a fat tax could be revenue-neutral no overall increase in tax revenue. Equity neutral. Also, a fat tax could be equity neutral.

Similar taxes such as cigarette taxes have been widely accepted and contributed to long-term fall in cigarette smoking rates. Cons of Fat Tax Which foods? Difficult to know which foods deserve a fat tax. Many foods could contribute to obesity if consumed in sufficient quantities. Many factors behind obesity. It includes issues such as the size of portions, levels of exercise and genetic factors. Administration costs in collecting tax from unhealthy foods.

Likely to be regressiv e. Costs of obesity may be over-estimated. Obese people have lower life expectancy and so save government pension costs and health care costs in old age. Related Sugar Tax — arguments for and against. I think you are totally correct. Quit complaining Reply. Because the healthy food is better for you. Yes I am serious lol Reply. I think that these major fat taxes are trying to get us broked Reply. In my opinon, they might help a bit but kids may not like it so they would bring home lunches Reply.

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The cookie is set by Adhigh. Every child may not be affected by this problem, but there will always be a child who is suffering from obesity. Stop Blaming Others Obesity is a serious problem that increases year after year and affects the lives of many Americans. It is a problem that needs to be eradicated, but who is responsible for this problem? Some argue that individuals are responsible for their own weight; that it is a private concern. Some others, on the other hand, argue that it is a public concern; therefore, the government should play a significant role to stop reduce obesity from the public domain.

They also argue that advertisements for junk food are factors that increase obesity. As a market failure, the obesity epidemic in America is costing the federal government billions of dollars annually. While most obesity prevention programs aim toward changing the rate of children who become obese, many fail, causing an inefficient allocation of government resources. Much of what 's already been done has proven to barely be a speed bump in the progression that is the obesity epidemic.

Several solutions which can be explored to effective halt this progression. The taxation of certain unhealthy foods, government benefits and subsidies for organic produce farmers, and passing new legislation to regulate the amount of calories a fast food restaurant is allowed to serve you, just to name a few. Medical costs for a child diagnosed with obesity are on average three time higher than those who are not overweight or obese. If the government forced better eating choices at school by taking out the vending machines and replaced the bad food with good food, children would adapt and make healthier choices.

It is not an excuse to say because children would not like it, it should not be an option. In conclusion, childhood obesity is one of the most ignored problems in the U. The number of overweight children and adolescents in America has doubled in the last decade. Everyday Americans die from the diseases they carry from obesity. Many Americans over eat because their social problems or because they are hereditary. Many plans have been discussed but finding the solution is the problem.

Unhealthy foods and drinks should be taxed and healthy foods should be advertised more to help prevent American obesity. The other options are: compulsory exercise; increasing exercise; subsidies healthy foods; tax obese people directly or charging obese people NHS costs. Indirect tax is a tax on spending on a specific consumer good. As we can see from the effect that indirect taxes has had on cigarettes and alcohol, people have had mixed views.

Critics of indirect taxes of inelastic goods say that the government is just making people spend a higher percentage of their income on goods. Obesity has become a huge problem in this country, Obesity can cause very serious. As Americans, we all take our own approach to food, but most of us have the same initial feeling about it. And that is that we live and eat an unhealthy lifestyle to one that is leading to the increase of obesity and other diseases.

In just 28years the rate of obesity in children has raised from 6. We take that childhood obesity into our adulthood with us. Not only is the obesity rates increasing, but so is our chance of developing diabetes along with hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease. Obesity kills at least , Americans per year Greenstreet The government has made many approaches to reshape our food system and attempt to force us to buy the foods that make us fat. Especially during our recession, it is that much easier to buy fast foods because it simply is the cheaper thing to do.

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