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The collector essay ideas


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The first chapter is told from the view point of Frederick of the capturing and after the capture of Miranda. In this she recounts people and events from before she was captured and also describes her escape attempts. This chapter is very good in letting us see how Miranda perceives the events that are happening to her and provides a contrast to Frederick.

It also introduces the idea that he may do it again for a comparison. Frederick, looking back on his experience with Miranda, tells the book in the form a dialogue with the reader. One of these is the way he marks down the viewing of Miranda in his diary. He is also meticulous in his actions making sure that he never forgot a viewing of her. I was alone all the time; not having any real friend was lucky. This shows he worked out the details of the house making sure everything was right.

This shows that although it took a long time he still carried it through. Fowles shows that Frederick meticulously measured Miranda to get the hole for the coffin and the coffin the right size for her. I did it scientific. I planned what had to be done and ignored my natural feelings.

This relationship changes a number of times throughout the book. There was real hatred in her looks. After the first escape attempt Frederick is still convinced that he can make Miranda love and want him. He treats her as if he is a servant in a hotel and she is the guest; he thinks this is the way that she also feels but in fact he is in fact hiding the truth from himself that she in fact feels like a prisoner in a jail and he is the warden.

This does not stop him from trying to make her love him. He offers her his money and all else that is his. In return he wants her to act like the perfect wife that is in his fantasies. Frederick is ready for the escape attempt and quickly controls her and gets her to her room. Once in the room Frederick is excited by the situation that is in front of him.

While she is lying there knocked out due to the chloroform he takes pictures of her. Although Miranda has refused to marry him Frederick is still sure that he can make Mirada love him. However when Miranda tries to have sex with him in an attempt to escape, this pushes them further apart. I never respected her again.

Miranda becomes sick and Frederick then feels sorry for her and believes again that he can make her love him. However this obsession of wanting to make her love him stops him from helping her. This becomes a fatal mistake. Throughout the book he makes many references to this comparing her beauty and her situation to them.

The significance of this to me is that Fowles may be using this to hint about the ending that Miranda will end up dead the same as his prize butterflies he is comparing her to. This is made clear in piece of dialogue that took place just before the escape attempt. I pulled out one or two of the most attractive drawers.

Did you buy them? Of course not, I Frederick said. All caught or bred by me and set and arranged by me. Suggesting he spent a lot time on them. However in fact she does end up like the butterflies. The reason why it is important is because it once again refers back to his hobby, butterflies. As a young women, Tess appears ignorant of men and sex and the complex world that young girls today are taught it is; she relies solely on the only older female figure in her life, her mother, and whilst her mother gives her the advice to remain silent on the subject f her rape, Tess goes against these wishes.

Each character within the novel is interconnected, the choices, thoughts and decision produced by each one allows the story to take a different path and change that of the protagonist; within the story there are many smaller narratives taking place and each one changes the main point of interest.

I have separated from my wife for personal, not voyaging, reasons. Without the help of her husband, Tess struggles through tough winter labour, meets once again her assaulter and faces the death of her own father. Events do not purely and basically occur, nothing happens because nature intended it to; each choice, action, thought and opinion changes the course of a life and the world. Through the decisions of each character, Tess ultimately is positioned in a terrible state of affairs that has been affected and changed by the characters of the story.

But he could not go on. Speech was as inexpressive as silence. And this blame is just yet cannot be carried purely on the men. However the morals and values of society at the time affected the thinking of everyone, a matter reflected particularly in the dominant male characters of the story.

The Victorian era had many ideals and values foreign to the modern world, particularly in the case of equality and the role of women. The role and status of women were being redefined, and writers such as Hardy… were intimately involved in that redefinition. The belief that purity was of the utmost important was upheld by majority of the higher class in England at this time, having a clear impact on the difficulty for Tess to deal with what is already a demoralizing, horrid deflowering.

Fate is a belief system similar to that of religion, a concept and a notion- nothing more. Characters make choices as the writer decides to shape a story and a journey, to create a world that portrays reality so succinctly; the characters within this narrative form their own lives and make their own decisions leaving nothing, even the most tragic becoming, up to fate.

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