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Bubonic plague essay


The term Black Death was not use to describe plague until the Thomas Streissguth. When there was another outbreak in England. Some reports claim the name arose because bleeding beneath the skin was so great in septicemic plague that it made victims limbs look black.

Other say the term came into use because […]. The ships had come from the Black Sea port of Kaffa, now called Feodosiya. On board were goods from Central Asia, which was then controlled by the Mongol Empire. The sailors were afflicted with strange black swellings buboes the size of […]. The Black Death was a catastrophic event that caused many people to die, because of 3 different strains of plague.

The most common plague people would get was the Bubonic plague. The Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection […]. Plague is one of the three epidemic diseases that is still a problem to the International Health Regulations and is reported by the World Health Organization. The bacteria Yersinia Pestis is said to be the agent that causes this disease.

This type of bacteria is a zoonotic bacteria that is embedded in small animals and […]. The Black Death happened in the context of immense trade network. It originated in China, in about , but due to the many trade routes, it was able to spread to many parts of Europe and Asia in just 4 years. Large trade networks such as the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade have […].

The Flagellant Movement had been a direct provocation to challenge the Catholic Churches dominance. Due to many people believed that the plague was a punishment from god they began to doubt their faith […]. Viewing the world as is was from medieval to modern, there are various factors that conditioned the transition. The first part of knowing the factors of transition is the knowledge of when the transition took the first steps. The Renaissance, which is the improvement of economics and politics between the two time periods.

This time […]. Firstly, the Dark ages started with the fall of the Roman […]. Its Columbus Day. Incidentally, October 8th […]. Have you ever been so sick that it hurt just to move and technology did not provide a cure? The black death did that to people every day of the dark ages and it killed over one-third of the population. It was during the Renaissance Era so there were not many medicines for much of anything back then.

Most people were using home remedies to try and cure their loved ones while getting infected with the same terrifying virus. They fought against the disease for their family instead of protecting themselves, and sadly for a lot of them, it cost them their lives.

The Black Death killed many people and was a ruthless virus that stopped at nothing to kill everything in its path. The Black Death first came around in the early Renaissance period and wreaked havoc on the people of Europe and all over the eastern side of the world. It was transferred by fleas that came off of mice that came in on the ships that supplied towns.

The fleas carried bacteria that resulted in an infection that later turned into the plague. Millions were killed and the disease began to affect other areas of life. Social standings shifted, the economy weakened and the relationship between the people and the church deteriorated.

The consequences and destruction the Black Death had caused was felt long after t had rampaged through Europe. Peasants were quite poor before the plague since they were not paid as much until the plague happened. Peasants usually got raises since most of them kept dying and it was starting to be really hard to find a peasant that would not die of the plague.

This lead more peasants to have more money. A quote from Matteo Villani, a historian from Florence, Italy. The quote is about how the price doubled or more for everything that you bought during and after the plague. This is seen in the financial, economic, and social aspects of society that were left in a state of disaster once the plague had struck.

Those Europeans left physically untouched by the plague were not fully untouched by this disease — they were mentally and emotionally scarred from this horrible epidemic and had to learn how to live life again without roughly half of the population. The Black Death that struck Europe in the Middle Ages had forever changed this continent and its inhabitants and would continue to affect their lives for years to….

However, many died not only of the plague, but also other illnesses. Leeches were utilized for bloodletting if you could afford them, if not then they resorted to cutting the skin to allow it to bleed Shariff, Today leeches are still used in medicine. Imagine swallowing broken glass; that is what it was like when they thought that swallowing crushed emeralds precious stones would help rid them of the disease.

Probably the two most disgusting cures they thought would work are the bathing in urine to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and applying a paste made up of poop, flower roots, and tree resins into the open sores Shariff, Scientists tried to create a more effective version of inoculation by making the strand of smallpox used milder and inserting the live virus into a smaller puncture wound.

This reduced the mortality rate to 1 death in people. Inoculation houses started to become more popular. This is where parents would send their recently inoculated children to stay the whole time they exhibited symptoms. This method wasn 't the most ideal, which motivated scientist to create a more effective way to prevent smallpox. The Bubonic Plague is a disease that was very deadly. Many religious people thought the disease was an act of God. They thought that God was punishing them for the sins they have committed in life.

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