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Hindi diwali essay how to write a cover letter on a resume

Hindi diwali essay


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Diwali is celebrated as welcoming prosperity to households. The ambience in Diwali is lighted up with celebrations and joys. Diwali also has a holiday on the calendar and that gives people a chance to find the time and engage in social and family interactions on the day of the holiday. It is celebrated to commemorate and celebrate the return of god in the kingdom, similarly believing that prosperity would come to their households, and people pray for the same.

Keep Reading this Beautiful Essay on Diwali …. Diwali like any other major Hindu festival brings people together in joy, in the Ecstasy, in the mood of celebration. In this heterogeneous society of multiple ethnic identities and religion, other people from other various religions also come together to celebrate Diwali. It brings joy to them as well.

In Diwali, people clean their houses, decorate them with flowers and lights, similarly on dhanteras people also make purchases. Diwali is a time to rejuvenate things, households and lives. Diwali makes the locality turn into a beautiful territory. With Diwali, people wish to bring prosperity, wealth and happiness to their families and houses, along with eating rich snacks together, Diwali is also the time to bond with your family and friends.

Along with that, there is a major concern that has to be brought in light, that is we all should try and understand the need for a Diwali free of crackers and pollution. The burning of crackers causes too much release of pollution in the air and affects lives. Through crackers, we scare away the birds and create a nuisance for a lot of other creatures. Through the crackers and fire industries, fires and massacres are happening every year.

We should not burn crackers and try to celebrate a peaceful and beautiful Diwali with our family and friends. Labels: Festivals of India. Anonymous July 6, at PM. Unknown October 5, at PM. Anilgarg May 13, at AM. Unknown March 11, at AM. Unknown November 22, at AM. Anonymous October 14, at PM. Ibrahim October 23, at PM.

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Oct 9, - Happy Diwali Wallpapers: Diwali will hit the floors on and during this time, if you still need the Happy Diwali wallpaper Xp HD. निबंध की रूपरेखा. Introduction- Diwali; The story behind Diwali; The importance of Diwali; Conclusion of Diwali. essay on diwali in hindi. Diwali Essay - Find beautiful Diwali Essays in hindi and english. See more essays on Diwali festival and know more information about Diwali festival.