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Gullivers travels essay prompts accounting assistant functional resume

Gullivers travels essay prompts

Consider Gulliver's stated intentions in writing about his travels. What do the letters at the beginning of the work reveal about his character? What kind of a person is Gulliver? Why is he driven to the sea repeatedly even as his wife and children wait at home? Answer: Gulliver repeatedly heeds the call to go off to sea. He claims that it is for commercial reasons, but Gulliver easily adapts to foreign cultures and usually does not mind seeing how another culture might be superior to his own.

He is a reader and a traveler, not the kind of person who feels bound to traditional society. Perspective and relativity are very important aspects of Gulliver's Travels. Compare Gulliver's experiences in the first and second parts of the novel. How does Gulliver act differently?

How is he treated differently? Answer: In the first part, Gulliver is the giant; in the second, everyone else is a giant. In both, he is the outsider and is treated as such. Consider the power relationships in each part and the ability of prudence and reason to overcome differences in perspective. Answer: Humanity's base functions comprise an important aspect of the novel? Swift pays great attention to the real world, the material world where people actually have to live their lives.

In addition to the slapstick value of associating different things in the text with excrement, Swift reminds us that we are embodied mortals. Answer: One may choose to compare Gulliver's actions and characteristics with other great characters such as Odysseus, who also has great sea adventures, or Jason and the Argonauts. Odysseus is crafty and strong, but Gulliver does not endure great hardships or overcome great enemies.

This is a satire, not an epic, so we neither expect nor need a hero. Instead, Swift gives us a narrator who tells his own story as an everyman. The point is that he is not greatly different from an average human being, though he becomes much wiser and more thoughtful. Answer: We generally trust his statements even though they are about fantastic beings and places. We do not need to believe that such things actually happened. Instead we should recall that Swift has important lessons to teach though the satire and the imaginary narrator of these fictional travels.

Beyond that, we might trust Gulliver because of his thoughtfulness and prudence in some ways and because he is willing to relate good news and bad news, good and bad things about various kinds of people, in the same even tone. Answer: The author need not share the narrator's opinions, but we always should keep in mind that it is Swift who has presented a narrator with certain opinions. Sometimes, Swift's joke is at Gulliver's expense. Also consider Gulliver's attack on humanity in Part IV.

Answer: From Gulliver's perspective, the Houyhnhnms have established the ideal society. How does the human body polarize between spirituality and animalistic tendency? As the novel continues, Gulliver slowly begins to lose credibility with each further revelation of the people he has seen and encountered. By the end of the novel, when Gulliver swears his somewhat skewed Latin oath, the issue of his reliability has been raised and is of paramount concern.

Does it matter if Gulliver is telling the truth about his adventures or not? As the action unfolds, there are various other references to lying; what does the author imply about the use of truth and the suitability of lies? The Land of the Lilliputians is perhaps the most ridiculous of all the worlds that Gulliver visits.

Filled with inhabitants the size of thimbles, the Lilliputians have more pride than common sense, and no one to correct their skewed vision of the world. In this, which is the antithesis of the utopia that Gulliver eventually encounters , they fight mercilessly with Blefuscu, over the simple matter of scriptural interpretation, and they nearly kill Gulliver for urinating on their castle to save it from burning down.

However, as ridiculous as that pride may seem, their perceived strength goads Gulliver into submission. What do you suppose Swift is saying here about the power of thought and appearance? What about the issue undeserving pride? All quotes contain page numbers as well. I was bound Apprentice to Mr. James Bates, an eminent Surgeon in London. When I left Mr. And, as it was Tyranny in any Government to require the first, so it was Weakness not to enforce the second.

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Gulliver's Travels from BookRags. The reader is constantly presented with cynical comparisons between events and discussions. As a seemingly wise and educated man, throughout the novel Gulliver's Tarvels, the narrator cleverly gains the reader's respect as a thinking and observant individual. With this position in mind, the comments and ideas that Gulliver inflicts upon those reading about his journeys certainly have their own identity as they coincide with his beliefs and statements on the state of humanity and civilization in particular.

Everywhere Gulliver goes, he seems to comment on the good and bad points of the people. It starts off with Gulliver talking about himself. Later he gets shipwrecked and ends up in Lilliput, where the people are 6 inches tall. At first they think Gulliver is an enemy, but then realize he is no threat. He is taken to the palace and housed in a cursed temple. This novel portrays the common result of English classism, which occurs all to often, mocking the poor.

Gulliver, a shipman from England, travels around a fantastical world after he is shipwrecked, then thrown overboard by his own crew. The places he visits on his travels are sardonic representations of real world countries, and the people he meets are also representations of the natives each place represents. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, England the world's center for sailing, navigation, and exploration. Accounts of distant lands had grown very widespread, so much so that this kind of story became an extremely popular.

Which makes Gulliver's Travels a satire in which human weakness. Jonathan Swift uses Gulliver travels to somewhat criticize the English society. He sees the Houyhnhnms, Laputa, Brobdingnag, and Lilliputian who all share similar problems. Swift successfully creates the satiric mode by pointing out the same flaws of England through a different society to make the social ills apparent to the reader. Swifts is criticizing England through these societies.

In Lilliput, Gulliver sees how officials. This type of failure will cause separation and isolation, which could lead to mental instability.

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Why is Gulliver so eager to assert his own country's importance to the Brobdingnagians? How does this desire compare to the Lilliputians' desire to assert their importance to Gulliver? What is the significance, if any, of the order in which Gulliver's journeys take place? Gulliver's Travels Essay Questions Consider Gulliver's stated intentions in writing about his travels. What do the letters at the beginning of. Study Help Essay Questions. 1. Some would argue that Swift was a misanthrope and that Gulliver's Travels proves his hatred of mankind.