essay effect of glue-sniffing

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Essay effect of glue-sniffing junior research paper about cars

Essay effect of glue-sniffing

They are still used in art, for shoe and furniture repair, and to preserve old manuscripts. Hide glue is typically manufactured from the skin of non-oily fish. During medieval times in Europe, fish glue was often used to repair animal-based sheets called parchments, which were used for writing. It was also used in painting materials by some artists in China. Paintings and drawings were often coating with fish glue in the s.

While the glue by itself is typically brittle, it can be used along with other materials to restore paintings. Artistic uses for fish glue include its application as a binder, glazing agent, or protective coating for paintings Study the components of Jackfruit leaves that contribute to its use for an alternative material for corkboard wood.

Determine the effectiveness of glue as an adhesive material for pressing leaves together. Observe its feasibility as a durable corkboard if it is as effective as the commercial corkboard. Statement of the Problem This study was conducted to investigate the properties of jackfruit leaves as substitute to wood.

Specifically, the study attempted to answer the following questions: 1. What properties do dried jackfruit leaves have that makes it a substitute to wood? How effective is the glue that is being used to adhere the leaves? Is the corkboard made from dried jackfruit leaves as durable as those corkboards sold commercially in the market?

Hypothesis 1. There is a significant effect on the certain properties of dried jackfruit leaves that enable one to use them as substitute to wood. There is a significant effect on the certain required properties that glue should acquire for it to be good adhesive.

There are certain problems that the researcher will encounter through the processes to be done. Significance of the Study The study will be of special significance to the people in the community, to the members of the family and to the country as well. The people The classic example is sending an old horse to the great glue factory in the sky. In fact horse hooves, along with bone, hide, and connective tissues, provide collagen as the main ingredient for glue.

The collagen leaks out in a jelly-like form, is collected, and ground into powder. Collagen glue like that has been used for at least years, and has only been replaced by chemical adhesives for common use in the past century. Vegetable glue, commonly called paste, is an even simpler recipe: starch and water. The starch most commonly used is corn starch, but white flour works as well. When sticking things together, the best adhesive is one that shares chemical properties of the items you want to make stick.

The starch, which is a carbohydrate, is similar to the carbohydrate cellulose that forms the paper. So animal glue is Classification of Adhesives: There are two main classes of adhesives: thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermoplastic sets either my loss of solvent or by cooling. It will soften again by applying the solvent to the glue line or by re-heating.

Thermosetting sets and solidifies through a chemical reaction and is irreversible. Adhesives that set at room temperature are known as 'cold-setting' and those that require heating up to a temperature perhaps in the case of pearl glue 40 and others up to degrees C are known as 'hot-setting'. Types of Adhesives: Animal. Known as scotch glue yes glue! Made from the hides, hoofs and bones of animals. Available now in cake or more likely supplied in small beads. It is essential for restoration work, veneering and other applications where compatibility with original artefacts is needed.

Used extensively in the musical instrument industries. It is for internal use only and has high gap filling properties. Fish glue is also available which is made out of fish offal and skins. Good for small repairs. Not recommended for structural work. Manufactured from soured, skimmed milk curbs which are dried and crushed into a powder form. General joinery and woodwork use. It may stain some hardwoods and oak is particularly prone to darken. To use the powder it is mixed with cold water into a smooth creamy paste.

Developed in WW2 for the manufacture of the Mosquito plane which was largely Fuller Company repeatedly over many years. The boy, a nineteenyear-old named Marvin, has been sniffing glue for ten years. Once the leader of a gang of street kids, he now has slurred speech and vacant eyes. A year ago, Marvin began to lose feeling in his legs. Now he can no longer walk. He slides on his butt, spiderlike, through gutters, across streets, and along the sidewalks.

Still loyal to their chief, the younger kids in his gang bring Marvin food, carry him to a news stand to spend the night, and make sure he has enough glue to stay high. Doctors offer no hope that Marvin will ever w a l k again. Toluene, the solvent in the glue he sniffs, is a neurotoxin known to cause irreparable nerve damage. In Honduras, the drug of choice for children is H. Toluene creates the high the children come to crave Sniffing the glue is so common Toluene, a sweet-smelling chemical used as a solvent for the ingredients in adhesives, destroys the thin layers of fat that surround nerves, causing them to die.

Occasional inhalation will produce No, it describes only how people think today, so I think McCoy behaviour is not morally blameworthy; but it will be maybe for other people because it describes a moral dilemma what is wrong and right so it depends on personal beliefs and culture. The parable offers an interesting parallel to modern business situations, because in this case people had to make an important decision immediately, only one person reacted on the right way Stephen , the other were thinking as individuals with different points of view, values and beliefs.

I can say that when in a corporation the members share all together the notion of correct behaviour and culture so interdependent , it is traduced as a positive force because they are strong and they can act and implement immediately. The individual is lost if he is not supported by a group, it is necessary that the The judges writing the majority decision were Lamer C.

The two dissenting judges were Sopinka and Major JJ. The original trial judge was Schulman J. Facts: A woman, who was five months pregnant at the time of trial, was sued by Winnipeg Child and Family Services for custody of the child, and was ordered to be placed into care at the Health Sciences Centre due to the fact that her glue sniffing addiction could potentially harm the nervous system of her unborn child.

The woman had three other children at the time, two of which were born with disabilities due to her glue sniffing addiction. However, two days later the order was stayed, and set aside on appeal. The Manitoba Court of Appeal eventually decided to allow the appeal of the strike down of the original sentencing by Schulman, and the respondent must refrain from from consuming intoxicating substances and avoid due harm to her unborn child Inhalants are a wide variety of substances having to due with nitrites, solvents, aerosols and gases that are breathed through the mouth or nose.

Many products are found at home or work places, such as cleaning fluids, spray paints, sharpies, etc. The highly concentrated chemicals in solvents or aerosol sprays can induce irregular and rapid heart rhythms and lead to fatal heart failure within minutes of a session of prolonged sniffing. This syndrome, known as "sudden sniffing death," can result from a single session of inhalant use by an otherwise healthy young person. Sudden sniffing death is associated particularly with the abuse of butane, propane, and chemicals in aerosols.

Inhalant abuse also can cause death by—. Based on independent studies performed over a year period in three different states, the number of inhalant-related fatalities in the United States is approximately — per year. Animal and human research shows that most inhalants are extremely toxic. Perhaps the most significant toxic effect of chronic exposure to inhalants is widespread and long-lasting damage to the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

For example, chronic abuse of volatile solvents, such as toluene or naphthalene the volatile ingredient in mothballs , damages the protective sheath around certain nerve fibers in the brain and peripheral nervous system. This extensive destruction of nerve fibers is clinically similar to that seen with neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis. The neurotoxic effects of prolonged inhalant abuse include neurological syndromes that reflect damage to parts of the brain involved in controlling cognition, movement, vision, and hearing.

Cognitive abnormalities can range from mild impairment to severe dementia. Inhalants also are highly toxic to other organs. Chronic exposure can produce significant damage to the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Although some inhalant-induced damage to the nervous and other organ systems may be at least partially reversible when inhalant abuse is stopped, many syndromes caused by repeated or prolonged abuse are irreversible. Abuse of inhalants during pregnancy also may place infants and children at increased risk of developmental harm.

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The glue can effect your body by: heart rate and breathing slow down, speech can become slurred, and some people experience blurred or double vision. Most users. Sniffing glue is a form of inhalant abuse that can have serious health consequences. Nearly 20% of children in middle and high school have experimented with. This syndrome, known as "sudden sniffing death," can result from a single session of inhalant use by an otherwise healthy young person.