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Native americans essay

Native Americans became the inevitable losers in the European imperial sweepstakes. By a number of technological, political, and economic developments had stimulated Europe's interest in, and prepared it to explore and colonize, the lands "newly discovered" by Columbus in New ship design and construction, and improved navigational lore provided the technological capability. The emergence of nation-states gave the political impetus. And the rise of a wealthy merchant class desiring to find a shorter, cheaper trade route to the spices and silks of the Far East served as the necessary economic motivation.

The interaction of Native and European cultures ranged from peaceful cooperation and trade to fierce conflict. Intercultural exchanges included Native Americans providing agricultural techniques, furs, and foodstuffs in return for European weapons, metal cooking utensils, and clothing. The horse was probably the most important European contribution to Native Americans, while maize corn was the most significant Native American exchange.

An unintended exchange was that of disease. European borne diseases like small pox and measles decimated Native populations while Europeans were infected by syphillis. Europeans also tried to superimpose all aspects of their culture upon Native Americans, but with quite limited success. Another consequence was the loss of large amount of Indian tribal lands. Third was the deterioration of Native American cultures by virtue of loss of life, land, and persistent European efforts at forcing their "superior cultures" upon the natives.

European expansion and aggrandizement meant a fearful loss to Native Americans who would have to learn to adapt to European intervention or perish. End of Essay 1. I think there are always important things in all stories that are similar to my life.

When reading these stories, I will link my idea to what the author says and what I remember from my life. In fact, I think all stories are very easy to understand. In most cases the story related to my eye-catching life was read by Sherman Alexie in Indian education. Native American literature from Southeastern America The native American literature from southeast America is deeply rooted in the verbal tradition of the tribe who historically called this region home.

The most integrated American tribes in the hearts of the United States, the sanctuary of the five civilizations Chenoki, Chicaso, Choctaw, Crick, Seminole , was forcibly moved to the territory of India now Oklahoma's ancestors Is in the southern United States of America, and the descendants of these tribes have created compelling literary works to maintain tribal identity and history by combining elements of traditional themes and stories.

Native American literature began with the oral tradition of hundreds of indigenous cultures in North America and was completely discovered in all aspects of written literature. However, in the past few decades, the native American literature has been studied mainly for its ethnographic journalism. Productive intellectual discussion on the context of Native American literature in global literature research - including Native American intellectuals, artists, and writers themselves - only in extreme times of the s and s Native American literature, also known as Indian literature or American Indian literature, is a traditional verbal and written literature for Native American people.

These include not only ancient American hieroglyphics and central American hieroglyphics but also a series of folklore, myths, and oral history that have been spread by the narrator for centuries and found in the language works of many modern American Indian writers Including. For details of American literature created during the post-European contact period, please refer to Latin American literature, American literature, Canadian literature, Caribbean literature.

Most of the Native American literature collection starts with the so-called "oral literature". It is not difficult for students to understand the meaning, but that is a bad explanation. Documents according to the definition are written and intended to be read. Oral literature can include myths, legends, songs and hymns, even even speech.

In addition, oral literature is made up of listeners who intend to share and share their mother tongue and culture. Some songs are particularly important as elements of rituals. It is very important for singers to sing these words in a patterned way.

The word of this singing has a strong influence and is expected to cause the singer himself, his companion, nature, even the change of the universe. The tension between science and religion was reproduced throughout the history. People have various opinions on how to deal with our ancestral will's problem. Some people think that the burial place should remain unchanged.

There is a native American among these groups. On the other hand, archaeologists believe that cemetery should be discovered to learn more about the history of the land with the grave. Native Americans lived in this country for generations. There are many things that are affected by Native Americans.

Native American culture is one of the richest cultures in American history. The history of Native American is full of struggle, aggression, and conquest. None of the many Indian tribes of the past are more interesting than Cherokee Indian tribes. Most American Indians are satisfied with Indians, American Indians, and Native Americans, and these terms are often used interchangeably.

Gambling has become a major industry. Many casinos operated by the American Native American government are producing various income of gambling and some communities are starting to use these incomes to build a diversified economy. Many Native American tribes have casinos, but the impact of Native American games has caused widespread controversy.

Some tribes like Winnemem Wintu in Reading, California feel that casinos and their income have destroyed culture from the inside. These tribes are refusing to participate in the game industry. Early on the day of Europe's earliest settlers, the Native American was very suffering. Indigenous people were treated very seriously among the early settlers. European Americans will disappoint them as soon as the Native American group who did what they wanted as before the Native American came for themselves.

Native American bow and arrow do not match European guns and cannonballs. When European guns were not suitable for Europeans, the illness they bought killed Native Americans more effectively. Vallejo Native American Analytical Papers Among the many cultures around the world, the Native American community is one of many minorities from awful things.

The times are still trying to keep the tradition. Documents that they submitted to mainstream British and American citizens caused many problems. These are indicated by Tom's blue wind dance Native American culture Have you ever wondered how this world was created from another cultural point of view? Native Americans use creation myths to explain to people how the world is accelerating. Creative myth is an important part of Native American culture.

They have been handed down generously. In creation myth, each myth reveals harmony with nature, rituals, and strong social value. Creative Myth is one of the most famous traditions of the Native American tribe. Most of the nature is a mysterious mystery. When creating and sharing these myths, indigenous people can explain everyday natural phenomena such as weather related events and the beginnings of themselves.

Each tribe seems to have its own creative myth - explain how their tribes have become the story of the world. These myths tell the importance of storytelling in the culture of Native Americans, and the tribal personality and their beliefs. These myths also show respect for ancient wisdom, and how important and devout roles nature play. The children were taken away from their homes and said that everything they know is wrong. They were sent to boarding schools to change their culture.

These boarding schools are managed by the US government. Government's goal is to civilize Native American. They made their children go to these schools contrary to their will. Native Americans' children are educated like Americans and they have to change their original way like white people Cayton The teacher abuses the students and defeats them in the original way.

Assimilation of Native American Education In my research on assimilation of Native American Education, it is interesting and shocking to understand how American Americans have assimilated Native Americans into Caucasian society. The focus of my paper is on how to achieve Native American assimilation in their education and cultural change.

At the same time, please list and describe several kinds of schools the government established to achieve this goal. Native Americans have always relied on the land to take care of them. If a great soul leaves them. In an article titled "Address", these are ideas that reflect Seattle's idea.

Beginning in , the federal government tried to 'Americanize' Native Americans primarily through education of indigenous young people. By , thousands of native Americans studied at nearly boarding schools throughout the United States. Boarding schools such as Carlisle provide vocational training and manual training to systematically deprive tribal culture.

They insisted that students gave up their Indian name, prohibited their mother tongue and cut their long hair. Naturally, these schools are often strongly resisted by Native American parents and young people. But these schools also developed a shared Indian identity beyond tribal boundaries. The following excerpt from Carlisle founder Capt. Art is a very real aspect of Native American.


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To this day, movies and television continue the stereotype of Natives wearing feathered headdresses and killing innocent white settlers. As they encountered the Europeans, their material world completely changed. The Native Americans were amazed by the physical looks of the white settlers, their way of dressing, and also by their language.

The first Native-White encounter was very peaceful and trade was their principal interaction. Tension and disputes were sometimes resolved by force but more often by negotiation or treaties. On the other hand, the Natives were described as strong and very innocent creatures waiting for the first opportunity to be Christianized. We should comprehend that the encounter with the settlers really amazed the Natives, for they were only used to interactions with people from their own race and all of this was just as much a new discovery for the Natives as it was for the white immigrants.

The relation between the English and the Virginian Natives was somewhat strong in a few ways. They were having marriages among them. For example, when Pocahontas married John Smith, many said it has a political implication to unite more settlers with the Natives to have a better relation between both groups.

As for the Natives, their attitude was always friendly and full of curiosity when they saw the strange and light-skinned creatures from beyond the ocean. The colonists only survived with the help of the Natives when they first settled in Jamestown and Plymouth. In these areas, the Natives showed the colonists how to cultivate crops and gather seafood. The Natives changed their attitude from welcome to hostility when the strangers increased and encroached more.

For several years the Natives gave the Virginia colonists little trouble because the came to the area of settlement infrequently. But the Whites retaliated so by , most of the Virginia Natives had been decimated or driven from their lands. In the end, the superiority of the U. In , the Congress ordered the total removal of all Native Americans to West of the Mississippi river. The American government systematically followed a policy that pushed Native Americans from their traditional lands and onto government reservations in the West.

The government reserved land for a tribe and signed a treaty with them. The tribes were not supposed to go beyond the borders of its lands and for those who escaped, the victory was short lived as they were captured and brought back. However, on each occasion when new settlers moved into the territory, the government broke its promise and the tribes were moved further westward again.

Many Native tribes, numbering approximately at 15, people, were forced to walk hundreds of miles, barefoot in the middle of the winter, without proper clothing, and without sufficient horses or food. They traveled to unrecognized territories in what are now Oklahoma and Kansas. Many of them suffered physical as well as psychological problems, resulting from the struggles faced over the many years the government took to carry out the Native removal policy. Some Natives refused to leave their ancestral lands and fought to prevent their expulsion, but they were ultimately banned nevertheless.

They were furious by their disappointment in the U. These lands came to be known as reservations. The banishment to undesirable land led to several wars that stemmed from the refusal of some Native Americans to accept their resettlement and the effort of the Sauk and the Fox tribes to return to their homeland in early The Native Americans grew tired of always being used and exploited by the whites as much as possible to benefit their own people and promote suffering for the Natives.

The Natives also have had enough of always being treated like animals, and the soon became enemies of the new settlers. Grant gave a small reservation to the Shoshone tribe because he was impressed by the unique role they have in Western history and because of their record of cooperation with the American settlers. They were especially helpful when in the summer of that same year the Americans were running low on food and fresh horses.

The Natives helped them gather food and find the waters that drained to the Pacific. The Lemhi Shoshone, have asked former president Bill Clinton to carve out a small piece of Federal land in a section of the Salmon River county on the Idaho-Montana border so it can become a place where the Shoshone tribe can tell its story to the hordes of Lewis and Clark history buffs, honor their dead, and try to stitch some of their past history to the present.

I think that the United States should pay better respect to the generosity and friendship of not only Sacagawea, but also to her people. The government should give the Shoshone tribe a good portion of land to thank them for all they did to help Lewis and Clark in their journey. This Museum presents a new perspective of the Native American people and cultures through innovate exhibitions that emphasized the great importance of Native voices in the interpretation of Native history and their cultural achievements.

Through the Museum, we can learn what Native Americans have to teach us about such things as the delicate balance between our people and nature, about their profound respect for family, their ethic of sharing, and about their deep and spiritual magnificent art. This Museum changed forever my perspective on the way the Native Americans lived in this hemisphere.

In a way it is good that the Europeans found the Native Americans…. Language study in Native AmericanStorytelling is one of the most important ways Native American children learn the lessons of their elders their rich heritage, central standards such as truth, respect, and love, and the significant part played by each creature, whether the creature walks, flies, crawls, or swims.

Through stories children learn concerning creation and…. The United States wanted to prevent hostility, so they tried to get the Indians to agree to living on reservations instead of on their homelands. For the rest of the following century they struggled to force the Indians to accept it, they failed to do so in the end and were forced to more desperate….

Converting the Native Americans to Christianity Christianity started as a Jewish sect in the first century centered on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Protestant and Catholic missions came simultaneously during the first half of the 19th century for the specific intention of converting Native Americans to Christianity. Christianity for the Native Americans….

Although mountain men faced the arrows and spears of Indians and the brutal climate of the mountains, they used their knowledge and strength to overcome their hardships and turn a profit trading fur. Native American relations were strained at best when the…. What Is your definition of the American Dream?

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