professional ethics nursing essay

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Professional ethics nursing essay argumentative writing worksheets middle school

Professional ethics nursing essay

Sometimes these issues are previously unknown and "at any given time the practitioner may be confronted with particularities that are not yet accounted for in science or technology" Puntillo, Brenner, Drought, Drew, Stotts, Stannard, Rushton, Scanlon, and White, Within society and healthcare delivery, the profession of nursing is advancing.

A professional code of ethics is an important hallmark of a profession Goldman, Acquiring a nursing licence does not ensure moral or ethical practice. The American Nurses Association, in response to social and healthcare needs, has developed a Code of Ethics. America has, potentially, the most medically litigious society. Recently in the media, there have been enormous case settlements, such as those for smokers, and, as a result, malpractice insurance costs have escalated.

Although nurses make ethically based decisions, they must also be aware of the legal consequences. The laws of the land are still paramount and even those decisions based on a professional ethical code may not be defendable in court. Nurses are encouraged to "Chart for the Lawyer, not the Doctor".

The progression of managed health care, with attention on cost containment and efficiency, has noticeably influenced patient care. The development of health management organizations, and for-profit centres has led to restrictions on patient access to care and even withholding of expensive therapies.

The new technologies and procedures can be very expensive to implement but may be required to lure new patients and medical staff. Resource allocation and distribution along with rationing health care reflects a business, rather than patient care, focus. The number of people seeking and requiring medical attention without insurance or ability to pay is increasing, causing a shift in healthcare delivery, due to legal mandate to provide care for all.

People in a society have a right to healthcare, but policy makers appear to disregard the ability of resource limited health systems to provide that care, potentially to the detriment of others. As a result there has been significant downsizing, and closures of care centres. Another aspect influencing the aim of nursing ethics is modern globalisation with changes in patient populations.

Immigration in the United States, particularly from Latin-American countries is rising, with the Hispanic population now being the largest minority group. Issues affecting professional practice Professional nursing practice has been dramatically impacted by the recent implementation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or "HIPPA", which went into effect April 14 The Act makes legally accountable the ethical obligation to respect patient health information and privacy.

Healthcare providers must now take active measures to protect against unauthorized uses and disclosures of personal medical information or be held in breach of confidentiality or criminally liable. Protection of these rights is crucial with advancement in nursing informatics, computerized documentation, and medical record storage.

Other parties were then unable to find out the seriousness, and prognosis of her condition. Also the inability to provide information can inhibit or delay patient treatment, as health insurance providers often decide authorization for treatment. Nurses previously could supply information including, condition, injuries and vital signs. There is undeniable evidence that the issue of nurse-to-patient ratio is a critical issue in current professional practice.

Studies further show that a lower ratio of licensed nurses to patients increases positive outcomes by decreasing infection rates, complications, re-admissions, and death Philbrook, In September , California Governor Gray Davis passed legislation to establish a nurse-to-patient ratio to address the quality of patient care and help meet current workforce needs.

By ensuring adequate staffing levels and appropriate workloads, these regulations improve not only patient care but also nursing working conditions and satisfaction. As a result of cost containment and scarce resource allocation, nurses are presented with ethical challenges of justice in the present fiscal environment in healthcare. Sometimes providing adequate care and maintaining professional nursing practice is challenging in cost-constrained hospital environments Ritter-Teitel, Finally, of end of life care is also a significant issue in professional practice due to the aging population and the increase in life-extending technology.

The Patient Self-Determination Act of provides a means for predetermination of care when the patient is unable to do so. This provides advance directives about withholding resuscitation and life extending measures, and by doing so ensures the patients right to autonomy. However, there can be family or medical refusal to adhere to these wishes and directives, using the excuse of benefiting the patient.

With unprecedented advances in technology and health science, the profession of nursing faces a variety of ethical issues. Nursing theory. New York: Lippincott. Beauchamp, T. Ethical theory and bioethics. In Contemporary Issues in Bioethics 5 , pp. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Bosek, M.

Ethical decision making in anaesthesia. Englehardt, H. The foundations of Bioethics. New York: Oxford University Press. Fry, S. Ethical issues in clinical practice: A multi-state study of practicing Registered nurses. The moral foundations of professional ethics. Fotowa, NJ: Rowman and Littlefield. Johnstone, M-J. Bioethics: A nursing perspective 3rd ed. Also they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. MHC, the law must be adhered to when providing care for people with mental illness being in the hospital or homecare settings.

In the conclusion above, throughout this essay I lived to understand what the code of professional conduct and ethics stand for, the foresaid code is the constitution of all registered nurses and midwives. This is an industry for professional, they ought to know the rules and regulations they are all supposed to adhere to. Ignoring the code could be very detrimental the to the performance on the one hand and in return could bring about a lot of criticism to the industry, on the other hand nursing is a very delicate and sensitive discipline.

One should always remember that we are dealing with human lives. Reid, Stephanie. Work — Chron. Page AEK. Practice Implications of Keeping Patients Safe. In: Hughes RG, editor. Chapter The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. Accessed July 18, Did you like this example?

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Ethics in Nursing

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Info: words (6 pages) Nursing Essay This paper will discuss the code of ethics in details including the purpose and the. Ethics are found in the NMC Code of conduct and nurses are accountable for their ethical conduct (Kozier, ). Ethics and moral are sometimes. Nurses can use the code of ethics as a guide for direction and resolution of ethical dilemmas. It is not intended to cover all the aspects nurse should consider.