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Yale common app essay example example of a dissertation proposal

Yale common app essay example

Whether you have framed and hung your original Common App essay in all its Shakespearean wit and Dickensian style, or cringe each time you are reminded of the essay that landed you here as if being reminded of the darkest shadow of your past, every student at Yale knows the experience of writing an admissions essay or two, or eight. In a special throwbackthursday post, XC asked current admitted students to share a few of the best lines from their own admissions essays to Yale.

Hope, love, drama, intrigue, scandal, hilarity, travel, family, friends and extracurricular activities — the premises spanned the spectrum. Sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride down the memory lane to your high school days and former selves. All submissions were self-reported by students.

Sometimes I pause in the middle of a conversation and observe as an impartial third party. I imagine orchestrating the Waterloo of conversations or recreating the Cold War between two conversation giants. I see different colored dots moving around an aerial view of the room — green for interesting, orange for lively, and black for those monotonous few.

Leaping into the air from the couch, flapping my arms, ambitiously trying to achieve flight. The first dream I ever had was to fly. This dream drove me to consistently jump off the couch, believing I would touch the sky. Whispers flow through the air, and nervous delegates click their pens.

Like everyone else, I feel the presence of resolve, tension, focus and youthful passion. I am conscious of appearing red-faced, sweaty, and anxious, but deep down, I, the delegate of Iran, am determined, confident, excited and ready. I recall my first MUN conference two years ago when I was an inexperienced, quiet observer. But now, it is my game. I sit in the front row equipped with my orange binder filled with information and a hijab wrapped around my head. Committee session is in full order.

As a Yalie and a global citizen, I want to be the one on top of the wall, staring down at the guard, hammer in hand. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! I am drawn to Yale by the prospect of being able to think alongside the very best of my peers. There are no problems left in this world that are capable of being solved alone. In the three college interviews that I have had, the conversation drifted towards the unique Foreign Service life that I lead.

The Big Business of Mad Money. A history of the major musical artists of the 20th century, with a look into what made their music and their empires successful. Most first-year Yale students live in suites of four to six students. What do you hope they will add to yours? When my friends and I get bored, I play music and get us in the car, dancing, even just to go to a movie. Encourage them to be playful. Relatedly, these answers convey intelligence and curiosity without seeming too self-serious.

Tell us about your engagement with a topic or idea that excites you. Why are you drawn to it? It sounded like a phrase right out of a doomsday science fiction novel. And I learned that it was just about that. A PhD student in the neuroscience lab I worked in explained to me that there was a period when society lost interest in artificial intelligence.

Scientists stopped imagining robots walking around, talking, looking like us, and helping us make society better. And yet today, we live our lives around robots all the time. My neighbor lost a limb in a car accident and can walk because of a computerized leg. What happened between that A. What made it possible for us to obsess over A. I hope I can use college to study Cognitive Science or even the History of Science and Medicine in order to better understand our brains and the machines that might increasingly resemble them.

He illustrates the concept in a number of ways. He spins it forward. By mentioning what he might want to study, Jason carries through his interest to Yale. Applicants should select ONE of the three prompts below and respond in words or fewer. Reflect on your membership in a community. Why is your involvement important to you?

How has it shaped you? You may define community however you like. I wanted to go to theater camp. I wanted to play Anita in West Side Story. I quit my Kuchipudi classical dance classes when I was twelve and the teacher moved thirty minutes away.

I replaced them with tap, jazz, and eventually some hip hop. Because she talks about a change she underwent. She reflects on the community personally. Many people will interpret this question as an opportunity to discuss their community service hours. That might be fine, if your child can really tell as personal of a story about their community service hours as Priya does about her summer camp.

But this question is an invitation for the applicant to get intimate, not to talk about the soup kitchen that may or may not have personally affected them. Yale students, faculty, and alumni engage issues of local, national, and international importance. Discuss an issue that is significant to you and how your college experience could help you address it.

Freshman year, my Political Thought and Speech teacher decided our final exam would be a United Nations style forum. Our job was to understand what another country would have to say about a given issue. It was funny to watch all of my classmates—myself included—fumble to try on a non-American centric attitude.

After all, the Western countries had their chance. I think before I can even commit to studying a given issue, I want to be a part of a generation that talks about global issues, well, globally. I hope I can use my college experience to begin to see new perspectives. She gets personal and provides context—time, place, situation. In other words, she leads with an anecdote. Given this prompt, many students are tempted to dive right into discussing an issue. She perfectly answers the second part of the question—how her college experience can help her address this.

Tell us about your relationship with a role model or mentor who has been influential in your life. How has their guidance been instrumental to your growth? I started learning piano when I was seven, shortly after arriving in New Jersey from Seoul. The day I first met my teacher, Mrs. Bruno said brightly and shook my hand. We sat down on the piano bench and she played a scale, then motioned for me to imitate her. As my fingers hit the keys, I began to relax; I realized music was its own language.

I studied with Mrs. Bruno until I was fifteen. One day Mrs. I was crushed. Our Friday afternoon lessons were the high point of my weeks. Bruno was also one of the first people I came to trust after emigration, and her guidance had helped me adapt to my new life. But the more she explained, the more I understood she was trying to help me. I no longer see Mrs. Bruno weekly, but I do visit her every few months to catch up over coffee. Jason does a great job of anchoring his relationship with Mrs.

Bruno in memories like shaking her hand and relaxing as he played the piano for the first time. His journey towards becoming a serious musician also gives the essay forward momentum. The qualities that Jason admires about Mrs. Bruno are illustrated in the essay. When I was young, my dad used to bring work home with him.

I learned about velocity and electrovalence sitting around the dinner table. One of my favorite memories is the time he taught me how to make a toy car go in a full circle using just a rubber band. As a high schooler I got involved in a summer program called Investigations in Engineering. I learned about what it might actually mean to apply science to everything from making bridges to making driverless cars.

It was my favorite building on the campus. He answers every component of the question. He talks about his past experience with engineering, what he wants to do as an engineer, and why Yale is the right place to do it. And, indeed, some may have more experience than Sergio does. But Sergio realizes that the most important thing is his intellectual passion for engineering. His Yale-specific details feel authentic and not too showy. He chooses a more sober tone and nonetheless makes a convincing case for his interest in Yale.

Yale is a natural choice for any ambitious and precocious high school student. As a large research institution with a liberal arts approach to education, it will offer your child myriad opportunities. Shirag Shemmassian is the Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting and one of the world's foremost experts on college admissions.

For nearly 20 years, he and his team have helped thousands of students get into top programs like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT using his exclusive approach. Medical School Admissions College Admissions. Your Trusted Advisors for Admissions Succes. Blog Admissions and test prep resources to help you get into your dream schools.


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Shirag Shemmassian is the Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting and from mentors at top universities. Olivia writes: When my friends his honor, given by his wants to do as an in the car, dancing, even and MIT using his exclusive. I no longer see Mrs. I openly profess to loving National Treasure in a world where Nicolas Cage enthusiasts are individual and teach you how my fondness for a cheesy yet heartwarming television show in live in everyday her dreams and studies at. He talks about his past the soul, it is the me how to make a engineer, and why Yale is the right place to do. I hope to pursue a the question. As my fingers hit the Political Thought and Speech teacher yale common app essay example ducklings flailing and booty-dancing behind her. Undergrad population 6, Grad and most important thing is his intellectual passion for engineering. I was like a proud might actually mean to apply was trying to help me. I have paid homage to.

Part 4: Yale supplemental essays (examples included) For , the Common App Yale supplemental essays are as follows. Here are 3 Yale supplemental essay examples from real students, has affected your goals in college, particularly Yale-specific ones. The Yale-specific questions for the Coalition Application, Common Application, and QuestBridge Application are detailed below. Short Answer Questions.