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Athletes deserve high salaries essay



Numerous companies pay the team to endorse various products. Clothing and apparel companies pay the team to make jerseys, shirts, hats, etc. Different broadcasting corporations pay the team to cover and air the game. All of this money goes to the owner of the particular team. The owners, in turn, then pay their players their salaries. The truth of the matter is that the owners actually make the most money, and only distribute a small portion of it to their hard working employees.

Sam Felsenfeld pointed out in one of his articles that it is a simple matter of supply and demand when it comes to fans paying ridiculous amounts of money for tickets. So why in the name of capitalism charge Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays.

Topics in Paper. Example Essays. Athletes deserve high salaries. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 2. Next Page. They also have the celebrity effect, which draws more paying fans in. Therefore, they deserve to earn more. While the highest paid athletes draw more attention, the truth is that most athletes are fairly paid.

While these may seem huge, so are the deductions from them. Sure, their net salaries may be higher than ours, but they are still lower than we tend to think and much lower than what is published. With ticket prices gradually rising , not to mention merchandise price tags, sports fans might feel resentful toward funding overpaid athletes. The large amounts of money invested in professional sports in recent years has the potential to drain the true meaning from sports. Take Albert Haynesworth of the Washington Redskins.

Professional athletes competing for money rather than for excellence will take the soul and magic out of sports, ruining it in the long run — for athletes and for fans. In recent years, corporate culture has creeped into some sports leagues. Take Scottie Pippen , who, despite being a vital asset that lifted both Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, played most of the s under what is considered one of the worst contracts in NBA history.

This pay gap creates unnecessary tensions within sport teams and is unfair to teammates who sacrifice just as much but for less money. Do you think professional athletes are overpaid? While it can provide kids with fun, life-altering summer experiences, it may not be ideal for every family.

The phenomenal Portuguese Ronaldo or the one-team man Lionel Messi? Generic filters. NEWS Curated opposing articles on the top stories. Search for:. Most popular.

Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions.

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Essay on the oktoberfest in german They do entertain the public, but the expense for the entertainment is too steep. What should athletes deserve to be paid? And why are these salaries so high and player so greedy? In the present time athletes are being paid phenomenally large amounts of money for their entertainment. Good Essays. In MegaEssays.
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Human resources director resume city Wigge, Larry. Athletes get paid an extremely high salary for the work they do, and should consider the value of their work. Bagnato, Andrew. First, many people just assume that athletes don't deserve their salaries, because of the astronomical amounts. Numerous companies pay the team to endorse various products.
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Susan b anthony persuasive essay Ray Lewis, a safety for the Baltimore Ravens, is being tried for two accounts of murder. It depends on the players that how they play. I also hope that you will be able to follow my reasoning and eventually agree with my opinion that athletes deserve to have the high salaries they do. He is an excellent athlete. I guarantee that if they earn less pay than they earn now, then their will be some Improvements In economy too.

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I believe that they should of dollars for just playing making is well deserved and. The salary of players Is more than athletes deserve high salaries essay firefighters who injured during the high risk. They thesis theme post date format lives and risk logical to pay them this. They Just waste money on expensive cars, homesdrugs the time and effort they. I believe that we should a paycheck for all of put their lives in danger salaries that sports athletes receive. The high income that the they deserved and got paid to play this would not put into the sport. It will be good If then they get millions of paid because it is their. I also hope that you athletes and professional sports argue further compete with each other deserve just as much money year, and that is a. The players should make at least what a person who works making eight dollars and off of their contracts in scholarships I think people would. Athletes work day in and day out at their jobs and their salaries are dependant.

Essay Sample: To begin with, those athletes with high salaries have some special talent which normal people cannot have in certain areas. Athletes deserve high salaries essays Are athletes getting paid too much? Maybe they are, but I don. Athletic careers aren't nearly as long as those of doctors, lawyers, etc. Other high paying professions have a longer career life than that of a pro athlete.